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Swimwear Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

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Have you seen high-waisted bikini bottoms reaching their peak popularity in recent years? Many people today love how it accentuates the waist and hides unwanted bulges, and it is one of the best-loved swimwear

But when you think this style is a new trend, you realize it was the hottest swimwear fashion of the 1950s. So yes, it’s back from its former glory years ago, like the striped bikini tops with Pellon-firmed bra cups. This is because swimwear fashion comes and goes. 

And now that beach weather is approaching, and you might want to know the swimwear styles that will be hot in the coming months.

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Eco-friendly and Sustainability are In

Sustainable fashion has become the top choice in an era where environmentalism is greatly appreciated. This means swimwear in harmony with nature is the top trend today and in the future. Just like how recycled clothing has become quite popular.

Sustainable materials, such as upcycled fibers and Econyl, and hand-made pieces are chosen over the usual swimwear fabric and swimming products. This shows how the modern population values the environment and finds ways to help the environment heal and prosper.

Modest Exposure of the Under-Boob

Cut-out patterns were popular years ago. They still are. But unlike the side cut-outs that previous swimwear is known for, more unique and daring styles emerge.

It’s no longer about the side boob or the cleavage. Today, it’s about the under-boob cut. And it’s something that everyone can participate in, making it one of the hottest trends this summer.

While showing a bit of your under-boob is daring, it is still considered modest exposure. And the ill-fitting look adds to the unique style.

Retro and Modern Fusion

Vintage fashion has a unique charm, while futuristic styles never capture your attention. These two styles are being combined to create a new swimwear look. 

And the result? A minimalist look that’s neat and clean, with graphic designs that scream innovative fashion. Add an advanced, robust, durable material, and you will get future swimwear.

Create Positivity with Dynamic Colours

Yes, the black and white bikinis are classics. But you can follow the monochrome fashion. After all, it’s becoming too dull.

After dealing with the global pandemic and the freezing winter months, isn’t it about time you bring some life and color into the world? Thus, the trend of dynamic and bold colors has risen.

Today’s swimwear comes in bright colors and joyful patterns that visualize the much-needed joy and energy that people crave. And it’s precisely the kind of positive vibe that we need. Plus, it makes you look great, too.

The hottest bikini tops of the 50s have come back. Next time, it will be the trends of the 60s flooding the catwalk, and you might be seeing 70s beach fashion any time soon, too. Or not.

What this says is that fashion never stays the same. While it can be a cycle, new styles are also constantly emerging.

And if you want to be in style and be in the hottest fashion trends, you need to be aware of what’s happening in the fashion scene. When you do, you’ll never be left behind.



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