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Suspended Gondola How Suspended Gondola Machine Can Protect The Workers?

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Working at height is a dangerous thing to do which eventually makes it important to provide a safe way for workers to work while in their jobs. The suspended scaffolds are perfect for accessing the hard-to-reach areas while carrying out various difficult task of a project, be it construction, home improvement and the like. Therefore, for the workers to operate safe, it is essential to follow certain safety rules. Read on the blog below for more details.


The primary step to ensure worker safety while using cradle machine is to start with a well-secured anchorage system. This element is critical because it holds the weight of the workers, their tools, and supplies as well as the entire platform. Workers should ensure that the surface used to anchor upon is strong enough too.


Suspension scaffold should ideally rest on surfaces capable of supporting at least 4 times the load. Meanwhile, all the components used as part of the scaffold should be able to support the workers and scaffold platform itself.


The suspended scaffold beams must be stabilized to the supporting surface using counterweights. These counterweights must also be secured by mechanical means to the outrigger beams to prevent accidental displacement.


The platform is the work area of a suspended scaffold hence it should tick the adequate requirements for capacity, stability and ease of operation. The maximum intended load includes the workers, tools, and supplies. Workers should never stand on boxes, barrels, or other makeshift devices on top of the scaffolds as it can be very risky.


This is a common rule that is often overlooked. Those workers must never overload a scaffold with too many people. Too much material, or stack too much in one area. The staff on the suspended platform must practice good housekeeping and avoid accumulating anything that could cause slippage.

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