Surgical equipment manufacturers facing many issues in Pakistan

As Pakistan is the under develop country in which many sectors are in progress but that progress is quite late because of so many political and corruption issues which are the main hurdle in the growth of all most every sector, further lack of government focus on many connected industries and its development is also a big issue for the economy as far as the surgical equipment manufacturers are concern they are doing their best but they must need government support in different areas where they can’t do anything individually the combine effect is better for the future of that industry in the Pakistan.

Leakage of Technology

As Pakistan is the under developing country where the manufacturing technologies are not up to the mark and the standard of the manufacturing concerns are not matching with the world standard due to which the production cost is much higher than the other countries, the quality is good and the demand is good of the Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers but due to low productive capacity and the lack of technological upgradation the Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers are standing with the other exporters but not with the wining module, it could be possible if the government involve and give supporting hand to this sector to beat other countries export with big potential optimization.

Change of Made In

Here is another big issue which Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers are facing which is unfinish, semi finish and un tagged exports to the different countries where other countries manufacturers are putting their brand name on it with their own country made tag which means the products which are exporting form the Pakistan without any tag and brand name in form of unfinish, semi finish or un tagged presenting in the world market with the other companies brand name and other countries made, that is the big challenge for the Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers so for that they are in conversation with the government to stop that kind of exports which boosting other companies and countries name in the world and at other hand also creating supply gape in the local market because semi finish or unfinish material will be short to fulfil finish orders, if bulk loose material order export to the world.

Scrap Material Issue

Further the scrap export means shortage of real material in the local market this is any other challenge in the game of Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers, because if the local need is not fulfill by the material so need to with imports which also boost material prices and effect badly on the economy further if the local material will be short means also need to bear high prices for the material which means high production cost and has low chances to compete in export market globally with the price.

Publicity of other countries

As the Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers can meet the requirement of world markets but the issue is uncontrol and unfocused government polices which can’t be control by the one industrial sector, actually in Pakistan government bodies are not much mature or even they don’t know what to do when they are in their offices because maximum staff are based on political and reference hiring not on merit base so the working criteria will be like nonprofessional and non-serious, because that bad policies and uncontrol movement of material boosting other countries in the global market even they are using Pakistan local made products and materials  which is quite challenging for the industry.

Brand Development with government

As government is involve in so many things so they are no fully focus on the all sectors as the team of the government also not much competent due to political and referenced influence so they are not active in those sector where other countries government teams are much more focused, they are developing their own brand but the Pakistan market mostly work with the other brand just to tagged made in Pakistan this is actually not good for market expansion, Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers has limits which need government focus and support as well.

Rising of local utilities

The Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers are also facing other issues which is under the control of the government by with bad governance they are not handling it, like bills of the General Electric and gases, over taxation system, uncontrolled material prices, different kind of over technicalities in export process, that kind of things making exports fall down which is quite horrible for the Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers.

No government base fairs for world buyer

The concern of the Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers are very true from the beginning of the surgical market there is no any big mega fair organized by Pakistan government which promote the exports and let world know the potential of the manufacturing and expertise what Pakistan have in this industry, all the efforts are based on personal approach to the world customer who visit Pakistan solely otherwise no big exposure for the exporters, the government is only concern to get money from the system but they are not concern to support or improve existing system with that money to more boost up the industry.

Difficult government procedures

As due to very huge involvement of political and reference based hiring that’s why maximum system become corrupted and no one in the current system is serious about the people and country, the qualified people are on the road but uneducated unqualified people are on the government tables who are making policies and procedure, who has no any experience and education about it that’s why Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers are facing big crisis as government is not properly handling concern matters.


The Pakistani surgical equipment manufacturers can boost up with their existing setup if government of Pakistan take proper step for the betterment of the industry without any political and referential influence but to focus on the real ground of the issues is mandatory. 

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