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Supporting Victims of Mormon Church Abuse: What You Can Do

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The Mormon Church, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), has been in the spotlight in recent years due to allegations of abuse and misconduct within the organization. Victims of Mormon Church abuse may feel isolated and unsure of how to seek help or support, but there are steps that individuals can take to provide assistance and raise awareness of the issue.

1 Believe Survivors

One of the most important things that individuals can do to support victims of Mormon Church abuse is to believe survivors when they come forward with their stories. Many victims of abuse face skepticism or disbelief when they disclose their experiences, which can be incredibly damaging and prevent them from seeking further help.

It is important to listen to survivors with empathy and without judgment, and to validate their experiences. Believing survivors is the first step towards creating a culture of support and understanding.

2 Educate Yourself

To better understand the issue of Mormon Church abuse, it is important to educate yourself on the dynamics of abuse and the specific ways in which it may manifest within the LDS community. This can include reading articles and books on the topic, attending workshops or trainings, or speaking with experts in the field.

By learning more about the issue, individuals can become better equipped to provide support to survivors and to advocate for change within the LDS community.

3 Support Survivors

Survivors of Mormon Church abuse may face a range of challenges, including mental health issues, financial difficulties, and social isolation. It is important to support survivors in whatever ways you can, whether that involves offering emotional support, helping to connect them with resources, or providing financial assistance.

It is also important to respect survivors’ autonomy and agency, and to avoid pressuring them to take actions or make decisions that they are not comfortable with.

4 Advocate for Change

To prevent future instances of abuse within the LDS community, it is important to advocate for change and hold the organization accountable for its actions. This can involve writing letters to church leaders, participating in protests or demonstrations, or contacting lawmakers to push for legislative action.

Advocacy can also involve speaking out publicly about the issue and raising awareness through social media or other platforms. By working together, individuals can push for systemic change within the LDS community and help create a safer environment for all members.

5 Support Organizations Working to Address Abuse

There are a number of organizations working to address Mormon Church abuse and provide support to survivors. These organizations may offer counseling services, legal assistance, or community resources for those impacted by abuse within the LDS community.

By supporting these organizations through donations or volunteer work, individuals can help ensure that survivors have access to the resources and support they need to heal and recover from their experiences.

6 Hold Perpetrators Accountable

Those who perpetrate abuse within the LDS community must be held accountable for their actions. This may involve reporting abuse to law enforcement or church authorities, or supporting survivors who choose to pursue legal action.

It is important to remember that perpetrators of abuse are responsible for their actions, and that survivors should not be blamed or shamed for the abuse they have experienced.

7 Encourage the Mormon Church to Address the Issue

Ultimately, the responsibility for addressing abuse within the Mormon Church lies with the organization itself. Individuals can encourage the LDS community to take action by speaking out publicly, writing letters to church leaders, or participating in protests or demonstrations.

By calling for change within the organization, individuals can help create a safer and more supportive environment for all members of the LDS community.

8 Support Survivor-Led Organizations

There are many survivor-led organizations that work to support victims of abuse within the Mormon Church. These organizations provide critical resources and support to survivors, and also work to raise awareness about abuse within the church and advocate for change.

In conclusion, supporting victims of Mormon Church abuse requires a multifaceted approach that involves listening to and believing survivors, educating oneself on the issue, supporting survivors in practical ways, advocating for change, supporting organizations working to address abuse, holding perpetrators accountable, and encouraging the Mormon Church to take action. By


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