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Supply Chain Management Importance For Business

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In business, supply chain management, which includes the whole movement and storage of materials, from the point of production to point of sale, and the monitoring and control of the entire process, is essential for long-term success. Supply chain management service helps to make sure that materials are delivered when needed, that goods are handled in a safe and efficient manner, and that there are no delays in the process. It helps to improve productivity and profitability in a company. It helps to ensure the security of both items and companies themselves.

Supply chain management refers to a system used to track the supply chain from the supplier’s warehouse to the point of sales, to the customer. This system must have a number of functions that integrate well to ensure that all processes move efficiently and in accordance with the customer’s orders. In logistics, it involves physical transportation, storage, and receipt of materials, work orders, receiving, packing, shipping, returns, and payment. It helps to ensure that customer orders are fulfill in a timely fashion.

supply chain management

Supply chain management – Identify the proper vendors

One function of supply chain management is to identify the proper vendors to purchase raw material from. When choosing vendors for raw material sourcing, one must be sure that they are able to supply the materials that the company needs. The role of a logistics manager is to ensure that the vendors meet the requirements and also help the company gain profitability.

Inventory control.

Another function of supply chain management is inventory control. Inventory management is necessary in the supply chain for several reasons. First, it enables the company to determine where to store finished products and where to source raw material from. When the inventory is maintain in a properly organize manner, the company can reduce operating costs and improve customer service. An efficient system ensures that the inventory is sufficient and available when it is need by the customer.

Supply chain management – Inventory turnover rate

One of the metrics often used in supply chain management is inventory turnover rate. Inventory turnover rate is the number of products that are in process or store in inventory and not being use. Metrics for this process element include the number of replenishment orders, the average time that an item remains in inventory, the number of new items that are receive, and the amount of time that items remain in inventory.

Quality management

Another important metric used in supply chain management is quality. Quality is essential for making any product profitable. A company should strive to build on its success by using quality systems such as quality assurance testing. Manufacturing control, and environmental quality systems. The company should have a plan for quality management that coordinates with all of its functions and systems.

supply chain management

Return on logistics investments

One of the most important metrics in return on logistics investments. This is simply the value of what it costs to provide a product to the customer. Return on logistics investments should include both fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs include expenses for raw materials and vehicles used in transportation; while variable costs refer to variables such as variable cost fuel and transportation inflation.

Assessment of all activities

Lastly, supply chain management should include an assessment of all activities required. To meet the high demand of any given product. This includes all activities required to make the product on the market, such as its development, processing, packaging, partial shipping service, marketing, and promotion. This is an important process element because it takes into consideration a large number of potential sources. Or a product and the time it takes to bring them to market. By outsourcing some of these activities to third-party companies. Businesses can meet the high demand for their product and still remain profitable.


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