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Super Simple Stress Relief Guide

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Most of us know how good is stress relief management is to our health.

But not everyone is aware of the harm it does to your cardiovascular system, by raising your blood pressure and putting you at risk of a stroke.

Overly stressed people are also more vulnerable to infections because of their lower immunity levels.

And so here are some tips for some stress relief:

You can exercise your stress away!

Punching a bag or pillow, running on the spot,

swinging your arms and exercise such as swimming that is aerobic without creating high stress to your joints are great ways to achieve whole body stress relief.

If your stress is triggered by events of the day that cause you to brood all day and boil all night when you should be sleeping,

you could find that keeping a journal is effective for you.

Especially before you go to bed at night, write down what is getting you down on paper, and tell yourself that you will deal with it tomorrow.

Often that will give you ‘permission’ to just let go of the issue so that you can deal with it better after some refreshing sleep.

Something as simple as practicing deep breathing can be a great stress reliever.

And if you are ready to look into the process of complete relaxation by Meditation, you might enjoy the benefits that millions of practitioners talk about.

Setting aside a few minutes a day, to calm and clear your mind, sit comfortably with eyes closed, in silence or playing some relaxing music or self-hypnosis recordings can be life changing.

You are creating some time to yourself, to value your calmness and to get centered and focused for the rest of the day.

Another great tool is to simply become interested in something that fascinates you and rewards your efforts in doing it.

If you enjoy collecting something, it can be a simple and affordable way to develop an interest that literally takes your mind off the daily stress triggers, and helps you to feel a sense of accomplishment.

It also gives you a good opportunity to meet like-minded people with similar interests, that will expand your social circle.

When did you last have a really good belly laugh?

If your life is so stressed out and miserable that you think your face would crack and fall off if you laughed, then you need to join some light relief in your daily activities!

Surely you once upon a time enjoyed some humorous books or movies or TV shows?

Have you ever watched The Blue Collar Comedy tour?

Not many people could watch their concepts and not fall off the chair laughing.

If you don’t know what kind of comedy tickles your funny bone, you will just have to start doing some research!

Try watching and reading humorous material, and enjoy learning what makes you laugh.

When you are annoyed or outright angry at what you feel is an injustice, or jealous at the success of other people, you need to consider how much in your own life you already have to feel genuine gratitude for.

It may seem simple, but every time you consider, feel, and give thanks, for all the things in life that you have an abundance of, it will lift the load on your mind.

If you are feeling grateful for what you have, with a happy sense of anticipation of what is yet to come to you, your outlook will become more optimistic and you will feel much happier.

If you find that no matter what you do you still end up with veins bulging in your forehead, and feeling like you are about to have a heart attack, then you must seek the help of a professional.

There are many things a professional can guide you with, not just in the case of medication to relax you,

but also to help you learn new behavioral

management and techniques that you can

apply to manage your stress better. Life is

meant to be enjoyed.

The ‘motive of life’ is mainly to Be Happy. If you

don’t start to take the steps that you can to

learn better stress management,

and to learn how to deal effectively and calmly

with the triggers of your stress, you are

affecting how well you will be able to live and

enjoy your life.

It also affects all the people around you in your

life and at work.

You can learn how to apply stress relief

techniques to improve your life and health, just

start today with taking small steps.

You will find the ones that work best for you,

and you will be so glad you did.


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