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Studying 101: 5 Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Exams

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Studying is a very important part of succeeding in school. Tests/exams can be very nerve-wracking, and the only way to eliminate those nerves is to make sure that you know the material. To know the material, you have to study, which can be a very tedious activity. Since it is a tedious activity, you want to do it as efficiently as possible. Here are five studying tips that will help you remember the material as efficiently as possible.

Space Out Your Studying

A lot of students, and people, tend to wait to do things until the last minute. Studying is not something you should wait until the last minute to do. Instead, you should space out your study sessions over numerous days. This also depends on the amount of material you need to study.

Spacing your studying over numerous days will help you retain the information for your test. It will give you an opportunity to cover the information multiple times, and it will allow you to sleep with the information in your head multiple times. Sleep helps memory, so the more you can sleep between your study sessions and the test, the better you will perform on the test.

Create A Quiet Environment to Study In

This is a basic step, but it is often overlooked. When you are trying to focus on something you should have all your attention on that thing. It is the same way for studying. To get the most out of your study session, you should be in a quiet environment. Your sole focus should be on the information with no distractions.

Write the Material Down

There are a lot of ways to study that involve technology. While studying can be a great way to study material in a pinch, it is more beneficial to physically write the material down. Writing something down means you must think about the information while you write it down. This helps memory confirmation of material. Whether it is rewriting your notes, or writing flashcards, writing the material down can help a lot.

Take Breaks While Studying

This tip is like the spacing out of your study sessions. Like spacing out your study sessions, taking breaks while studying will improve the retention of material. Most people tend to lose focus after doing an activity for a long duration of time. Effective studying increments typically last about 30-45 minutes. That means that you should try and take a 10–15-minute break every so often.

You should not go do something that will completely distract you from studying, but something that just allows your brain to take a little rest. This will allow you to refresh and come back ready to focus on the material again.

Seek Out Additional Resources

While most individuals study for things that are for a specific class in school, there are tests that cover a wide array of material. Tests like the ACT and SAT cover nearly all the material you learn in high school. There are other exams that are conducted for professional certifications such as the CPA exam. The CPA exam covers the material required to be a certified public accountant. There are materials that you can use for these tests, that will tell you what material you need to study to do well on the test.

You can get these materials, or you can take online courses to help review the material. There are CPA review courses that are offered, and ACT and SAT courses that are offered to review the material. Whether you get study guides or take the courses, both will help you study the required material for the exams.


All these tips are great pieces of advice for studying for your next exam. Regardless of the type of test, these tips are effective and should be used by all students looking to be successful in the classroom.


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