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Study Motivation ideas for Defense exam

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Defense Exams are very challenging and need high spirits to combat them. There are a number of Defense exams such as AFCAT, CDS, and NDA. The competition is high and the syllabus is vast for all these exams which mount pressure on the aspirants. Some aspirants hear negatives about the exam and feel low while preparing for the exam in the midst of their exam preparations. They join a reputed coaching institute for the best assistance in learning and understanding the concepts.

The candidates join AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh or CDS coaching in Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh according to the exam they have chosen to appear. There are some motivational ideas to implement to stay motivated while preparing for Defense exams. Let us spotlight them to assist the aspirants of the upcoming defense exams to remain calm and motivated for the studies.

Develop Confidence

Candidates should have confidence in themselves before sitting for the exam. Never think that you are not capable of qualifying for the exam. Nothing is impossible in this world, one needs motivation and a positive approach towards the goal to achieve it. Focus more on studies and try to overcome your fear of incapability. No one is born perfect; one can only achieve it by working hard on the weaknesses. In case you have faced failures in the past even after giving your best, do not worry. Learn from the past and improve by working even harder than before. Do not feel low at any point, it will spoil your mind frame and you will be de-motivated. 

Stay focused

When you are studying, be focused on it. Take logical and concrete steps to achieve your targets. Make a timetable and target the topics of the day. Accomplish them in the stipulated time. If you are focused on your work and objectives, no one can stop you from winning the given situation. Define your goal and make all efforts to achieve it. 

Set your goals

Make a time-bound routine of the day. Set your goals and make a timetable in accordance with it. Do not leave any of the goals left unachieved. Make a topic-wise timetable and learn them the same day. Similarly, make a revision timetable and revise the topics allocated to revise by you. It will keep you focused and active. Once you are able to achieve your small goals it means you are ready to achieve the big ones too. 

Make your study pattern interesting

In case you feel bored in studying any of the subjects, do not ignore it. There are boring topics in General Awareness such as history, which is only a mugging up of the dates and events. It makes the learner feel dry and boring. It can be made interesting by using some memes or short tricks to add creativity to learning. Do not carry any doubts with the static GK topics as they remain the same. Even if it is boring, you need to learn to score high. Make it interesting and keep moving.

Form a study group

Study groups make the learning interesting and spontaneous. Form a study group to keep you motivated. You can easily choose the classmates of your batch in the institute. If you have joined a reputed coaching institute then you will find highly motivated class fellows. Choose them and form a study group. Fix a time to meet and discuss the topics of study. Distribute the topics amongst and discuss them one by one within the group. If you have 8 members in a group, it means you can discuss 8 topics of a particular subject. Even if you have discussed one topic for half an hour, it means you will be able to end the discussion in four hours constructively. Plan to achieve the targeted topics rather than to involve in gossips. Restrict your personal discussions and stay focused on the topics to be discussed. It will keep you motivated and confident. It will make you feel special because your strengths may be a weakness of your group mates. This is how group formation helps in cultivating effective and quick learning. 

Develop active learning

Learn short tricks and methods to solve the intricate questions. It will make the learning activity. Apply the tricks based on the clarity of the concept. Understand the concept and then apply the trick based on it on the questions. Practice the tricks on at least 50 questions. Master them to accuracy level. It will bring confidence in you and you will be able to master difficult topics easily. 


Follow these tips to keep you motivated and confident while preparing for defense exams. It is necessary to have confidence in you while targeting a competitive exam like AFCAT, CDS, or NDA. Joining AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh or CDS coaching in Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh is one aspect but staying motivated makes it worth an outstanding outcome. 

Be in the high spirits and you will be able to achieve your dream of being in the Defense services. 

Jai Hind!!!!


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