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Studies In Biotechnology

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How Does One Become a Biotechnologist?

Biotechnologists deal with the manipulation of organisms to come up with new processes or products. These experts study the genetic, chemical, and physical properties of tissues and cells. They also explore the various industrial applications for cells and tissues. Biotechnologists operate in fields such as medicine, agriculture, food production, and waste management.

It is projected that the jobs in the sector of biotechnology will grow by more than 7% by the year 2030, which is faster compared to other career paths.

You have to complete a graduate degree before you can be considered for any leadership role in this field. A biotechnology undergraduate degree can qualify you for many entry-level positions in the field. 

Biotechnology is an ever-expanding field with new subfields emerging daily. With technological advancements, the field of biotechnology opens up new areas of growth and exploration. The careers in this field include positions in policy-making, manufacturing, quality assurance and regulatory affairs, and research and development.

Biotech experts usually work in a lab setting helping doctors and scientists with various research. They synthesize chemicals, maintain laboratory equipment, help with experiments, and report on various findings.

Others will head out for data collection in the field. They do this to gauge how their processes and products work, in an environment that is not clinical, to come up with unbiased findings.

Let’s have a look at the courses in biotechnology that can get you started in this field.

Biotechnology Courses

There is a wide range of courses centered on biotechnology that are considered helpful in today’s world. These life sciences courses help nurture STEM talent into graduates. STEM is the curriculum that is based on the idea of imparting students with knowledge in disciplines that include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Various colleges in Singapore are dedicated to offering this curriculum for the future of Life Sciences.

What are the biotechnology courses? These include degree courses in chemistry, biomedical science, and pharmaceutical science.

NITEC and GCE ‘O’-level graduates in Singapore can get into this career field by pursuing a Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences. This Diploma course usually offers the basics in terms of chemistry and biological science.

Below are some of the courses that a typical undergraduate student of biotechnology can pursue.


In this course, students get to learn essential concepts like the functions and structure of biomolecules, thermodynamics, signal transduction chemistry, and genetic info transfer. With a clear comprehension of these concepts, biotech experts will be able to carry out extensive research upon graduation.

Molecular Genetics

The course covers bacterial virus, and chromosome structure. It also deals with the regulation and transcription of gene replication and expression. You will also get to learn more about genome analysis- a vital component of several biotech jobs.

Genome Technology And Analysis

The course deals with the most recent developments in technologies that involve genome sequencing. Students explore these advancements in different fields that include biological research, pharmaceutical products, and medicine. You will also learn how to carry out accurate and efficient sequence analysis.

Other Biotechnology courses include Cellular and Molecular Neurology, and Virology.

Why study biotechnology courses? As stated earlier, these courses usually help nurture the STEM curriculum to improve Life sciences. The courses are meant to help in advancements of science and technology in order to improve lives in the long haul.

Any Life Science diploma holder that wishes to upgrade themselves can opt for the aforementioned degree courses to further their studies. Biotechnology consists of a wide range of courses that improve lives and are also quite marketable in the world today.

Finding A Perfect Biotech Program

Passion is essential when you are looking to enroll in a biotech program. Now that you have an idea of the various biotechnology courses in Singapore, you are at liberty to go for the one that best suits your interests. 

As a rule of thumb, never pursue a course that you do not have a passion for. This will only make you drop the course midway or lack the motivation to practice it once you are done with college.

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