Student’s guide to life in Cambridge 

Guide for students in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the most stunning and iconic places to live. The history of education over here dates back more than 800 years. With different educational institutions in different parts of the city, Cambridge is one of the most unique cities in the UK. Cambridge is a historic city with a unique but traditional English history. It is a thriving market town which is located fifty miles north of London. The city is small and the students can easily navigate it with a bicycle. It is well-connected both within and outside the city as the public transportation and road network is quite excellent. 

Cambridge is an amazing place for food lovers as you can always find a quick bite at one of the city’s different street food stalls. Cambridge is one of the most stunning cities which offer something for everyone whether you are looking for history, art or entertainment. This is known for impressive museums as well as galleries such as Fitzwilliam Museum as well as Wren Library. They host different festivals and it is known for its cultural diversity and creativity. Cambridge is known for being the birthplace of notable personalities such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and so on. 

Student accommodations in Cambridge 

Being the home to the University of Cambridge, the city has a huge inflow of students every year and this is why you will find a wide range of student accommodation in Cambridge. However, you can ensure to start your search for student accommodation there as soon as possible in order to find the right kind of option as per your needs and budget. There is a wide range of student accommodation options in Cambridge which comprises shared rooms, ensuites, flats, penthouses, and more. You can find some of the perfect places where you can stay during your studies and stay in the city. 

Cost of living in Cambridge

The most significant part of the ongoing bills as well as transactions can probably be the expenses at Cambridge. We have offered rough estimates of these while living in Cambridge which can help you plan all the budget and expenses. Most of the estimated costs vary depending on the individual choices, but you need to estimate how much you might spend. 

1. Food: £15-30 per week

2. Gas and electricity: £177-200 per month

3. Internet & mobile phone: £15-50 per week

4. Dinner at a restaurant: £20-25 per week

5. Laundry: £30-40 per month

6. Stationery and Textbooks: £40-50 per month

7. Clothing: £70-110 per month

8. Travel (buses, trams, and trains); £60-70 per month

Student life in Cambridge 

If Cambridge is your student destination then you should be aware that the city has a lot to offer than just a good education. The city offers a wide range of adventure and fun activities keeping you occupied when you are not attending lectures. Cambridge is all about the amazing culture that one can witness through the beautiful art galleries, buzzing live music venues as well as exciting dance scenes. For those who are into food, the city offers a wide range of options which suit all tastes. Here, you can find some of the right kinds of pubs across the UK. You can also find some amazing coffee and tea shops. However, it is best to make your own coffee and tea at your student housing in Cambridge to save money. 

Student travel in Cambridge 

Cambridge is known for having a charming aura. It can be felt as we speak of travelling across the city. Travelling can be hassle-free over here where you can find different options for transportation from the accommodation in Cambridge like tubes, buses, cycling, etc. For those who are inclined towards eco-friendly and health-conscious travel, you can make it a breeze to navigate between the lectures, libraries, and the bustling city centre. For its rich history, the city is always praised. You can come across some amazing landmarks like King’s College Chapel and more. These commute options offer ease of access to students residing in Cambridge. 

  • Bus: Any student can travel from their student accommodation in Cambridge to the University of Cambridge with ease. The easiest way to commute is by bus which leads straight to the university for around £2.20 standard fare. There are many bus stops near the University of Cambridge. 
  • Trams and Trains: Although most of the students generally prefer using the bus as the only affordable option, trams or trains do not seem to work out as they are quite far from the accommodations
  • Cycling: Cycling can be really fun and adventurous with more than 80 miles of cycling routes which is among the UK’s top cycling cities. This enables efficient and eco-friendly travel for the students.
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