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Strategies to Increase Productivity With Machine Safety and Security

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Safety, security, and production are critical components of success for any manufacturing company, regardless of the product made. With high-tech machines, there’s an even greater demand for increased productivity than ever before. While that’s fine, without safety and security measures in place, a simple problem could prove disastrous. To develop effective strategies, you can turn to a reputable safety consultant in Toronto.

Key Strategies for Enhancing Safety, Security, and Production

Turn to One of the Best Machine Safety Specialists in Ontario

Especially for the manufacturing and production industry, there’s no margin for error. One major incident or accident could shut down operations permanently. An effective strategy is to use the services of the best machine safety consultants. Relying on a combination of current Canadian laws and industry-specific standards, an expert can identify potential problems and offer viable solutions.

Prevent Cyberattacks

As machines become more automated and reliant on digital connections, there’s a real risk of having proprietary information stolen. Fortunately, the best machine safety specialists can help with that, too. They determine the most effective way to avoid cyber attacks. With extensive knowledge of cybersecurity, they can develop strategies to protect company and customer information.

It’s common for the best safety consultant in Toronto to take a multifaceted approach. That includes developing strong policies for physical protection, segmentation, network infrastructure, and equipment security. Overall, mitigating the risk of cyber attacks allows manufacturers to continue using state-of-the-art equipment and meeting high production demands.

Make Machines CIP Secure Ready

Another excellent strategy involves making machines CIP security ready. Although machine manufacturers come up with innovative designs to help fight cybersecurity issues, it’s possible to take security a step further. For EitherNet/IP networks, CIP security at the protocol level allows data to safely move from one location to another. Again, this is where the services of machine safety consultants come into play.

Once a machine is CIP-secure ready, it offers protection in three unique ways:

  1. Rejects altered data
  2. Rejects messages from untrusted devices or people
  3. Prevents unauthorized parties from viewing Ethernet/IP data

Protect Access Control

Although today’s machines are safer and more secure than ever, they still have vulnerabilities. The main one has to do with access control. Top-rated machine safety specialists understand this and offer ways to make improvements. One possibility is with a CIP security proxy. As standalone hardware, this works amazingly well for machines that don’t have the capability for built-in CIP security.

Providing Customers With Viable Solutions

S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. is a leader among machine safety consultants serving customers in the GTA. We have a broad range of services to make businesses safer, as well as more secure and productive. Contact us today to discuss your specific concerns.


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