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Valuable Strategies to Crack PTE Speaking, Listening & Writing Exam

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Are you unable to achieve a good score in PTE? If yes, then do not worry. We are here to help you. Today, we will discuss some PTE strategies that will help you to improve your skills. 

As you must be aware that the PTE exam is divided into 3 sections; speaking, listening & writing. We will give you some section-wise PTE strategies and some general tips to help you. To know more, keep scrolling! 

Best PTE Strategies to Crack PTE exam:

Bifurcate the Questions:

A PTE candidate needs to answer up to 80 questions in 20 various tasks. You can bifurcate the questions according to: 

  • The questions that are tough 
  • The questions that are your strengths
  • The questions that are your weaknesses
  • The questions that has negative marking
  • The questions that you need to work upon

Time Management:

It’s a 3 hour test where you need to answer 73-80 questions. It tends to be difficult. It is necessary that you manage with your time in a way that there is enough time. So that you can read the questions well, comprehend it, answer them with your best ability and review it. A common error that most candidates make is that they don’t leave time to thoroughly check the answers. So, divide your time strategically. 


A strong vocabulary will consistently act as a hero when you are stuck. While speaking, when you are unable to find the right words. Or during listening when you don’t understand the meaning of certain words, this creates problems. Using high quality words improves your chances to score well.

So, it is necessary to have built a strong vocabulary and use it during your exams. To build a strong vocabulary, you can read newspapers, articles, books, etc. 

Study Materials: 

Having good materials is one of the most important PTE strategies. If you are searching online for PTE study material then please don’t. As you may mind tons of inaccurate and inauthentic material. So, you would be wasting your time with material that is futile. 

So, find a trusted online source that will give you the right information and correct material. There are different tests available such as the PTE speaking mock test and different types of practice material that will prepare you for the exam.

Section Wise Tips:

  1. Writing: Understanding is the way to write, you need to comprehend the topic first. Secondly, take some time to plan your points and then start writing. In summary, write in one sentence and use connection words. Also remember to proofread to correct errors. 
  2. Speaking: You should improve your language first as it will ensure a successful speaking session. The other important aspects are fluency and pronunciation. Also remember to avoid fillers and breaks while speaking. You can practice speaking by recording your voice and then evaluating it. Remember to not stop for more than 3 seconds. Also, don’t stop speaking if you made an error in the middle of a sentence. You can also give PTE speaking mock test to improve your skills. 
  3. Listening: Remember to practice to different speakers. This will prepare you to understand different accents. You should also take notes while listening. Be always focused and attentive during this section.
  4. Reading: Try reading different types of material. You can read newspapers, magazines, articles, blogs, or books. It will improve your reading speed and develop your comprehension skills. 

You will also be able to identify errors. It will also improve your vocabulary. And while reading, you can read loudly. This will improve your fluency and pronunciation and will help you in speaking section. 

Mock Tests:

These strategies will help you to improve your skills. But you will need to practice these skills and for that mock test is a perfect way to practice. There are various mock tests such as PTE speaking mock test and so on. Give few mock tests. Then evaluate your answers, keep a track of your progress and improve your scores. 

Final Thoughts

Hope these PTE strategies helped you. For further guidance you can join online coaching centers such as Alfa PTE. Please do comment any other strategy that you use. All the best!!!

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