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Strategies that personal trainers must follow to keep Personal Training Clients on Track for Better Results

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Listing down the strategies that personal trainer Tarneit must follow in case their clients suddenly stop making progress.

The below points outline things that the trainers should have your clients track about their fitness routine so that one must have a clear picture of what they are doing inside and outside their personal training sessions. This helps in uncovering the reason why the clients are not able to make any progress.

●     Workout Details (Weights, Sets, Reps, etc.)

If the clients are no longer sticking to the planned workout time and routine and are simply doing all the fancy workouts on their own, then it is obvious that they will not see any progress.

Make sure they follow the warm-up routine as the warm-up helps in boosting the client’s performance during the actual training session.

Also, make sure that your client rests at least three minutes in between every set for compound movements like overhead press, deadlift, bench press, and squats.

If the client is up for reducing the weight, they will have to eat in a calorie deficit. But the problem is the personal trainer Footscray has to make sure they are taking planned and deficit calories, or do they just say it. So encourage your clients to follow the planned diet and keep track of it. Also, food tracking is not suitable for all types of clients, and it is especially for those who need to lose weight and have a bad history of eating unhealthy food.

●     Daily Steps

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) means the energy your client will burn through everything they do, which is not related to eating, sleeping, and sports-like exercises.

NEAT includes various activities like fidgeting, cleaning, cooking, walking, and even shopping.

NEAT helps in leaving a substantial impact on the client’s calorie expenditure and metabolic rate.

It has been reported that the calories burned from NEAT can vary up to 2000 calories a day among two individuals of the same size.

But, for a client who wants to lose weight, the NEAT levels start decreasing once they start their diet plan.  Also, the reduction in energy burned through NEAT continues to increase faster until the clients remain in a calorie deficit.

This can go up to a point where your client is burning so few calories through NEAT that they’d end up talking themselves out of a deficit. But, on the other hand, this could explain why their weight stays constant instead of decreasing.

To be more specific, it has been said that the personal trainer Tarneit should make sure that their clients should at least aim for 7000 to 9000 steps every day.  Should make sure their steps count keep on increasing throughout their diet period.

●     Mood, Energy Levels, and Appetite

 Often it has been wondered if the clients fail to see the progress in them due to overtraining?

The overtraining here means that the clients start to experience a decrease in their performance because they have been working too much and are doing intensive training.

 You can track if your client is overtraining by getting them to track the following things:

Energy Levels: If the client is overtraining, they might feel tired, sored, and depleted. The mixture of muscle soreness and hormone changes might lead to interrupted and disturbed sleep. So, if the client is practically dragging themselves to the personal training sessions, it is advisable to reduce their program’s intensity slightly.

Mood: It has been observed and tracked that overtraining throws off the balance of a lot of hormones in your body, which also results in various mood issues. So in case, your client is logging feelings of depression, sadness, and anxiety very frequently compared to their past records, then the current training program is said to be too intense for them.

Appetite: It has been noticed that people who are overtrained often lose their appetite. The researchers believe this is due to a shift in appetite-regulating hormones, including ghrelin and cortisol. Therefore, the personal trainer Laverton should make sure that their clients track their appetite, and if they frequently feel trouble stomaching their food, this could be due to overtraining.

Examining how their enthusiasm changes as per the changed prescribed workout plan can also help the personal trainers better adjust their training program as per tier likes and dislikes, which boosts their long-their adherence and helps build confidence.

●     Takeaway

The personal trainer Laverton should not be too eager to change the workout program when the clients seem to be stuck on something. It is best to take a step back and assess the situation properly and carefully. So, any changes that the trainers make here, which are necessary, are said to be meaningful.


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