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Strategic Planning Consultants: Why We Need Them Strategic Planning Consultants: Why We Need Them

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Why bring in a strategic planning consultant? The answer is simple: a strategic planning consultant assists in streamlining organizations to examine priorities, direct them to the best use of resources, and achieve the company mission, goals and objectives through stakeholder participation. This is a nice definition, but you’re probably searching for something more tangible than this; let’s break this down into working terminology.

Now, before we travel down this road any further, it may be of interest to learn that strategic consultants charge either by the hour or per total contract. The contract charges may land anywhere between $20,000 to $100,000, depending on the depth of the contract and the experience of the planning consultant. 

The primary role of a strategic planning consultant is that of leading businesses in strategic moves. It is critical for businesses to understand where they stand, know their desired destination or end-goal, and be able to strategically decide on a course of action to get there. However, this is the first obstacle in the room–most businesses do not have effective strategic tools to get them to their desired destination. 

Businesses need structure in creating a strategic plan; most have excellent internal structures for the business they do well; yet have partial or even missing plans for anything else. Because of this, some of the crucial decisions to create a strategic plan are broken links. In this, a strategic planner can step in to act as a facilitator and a planner. Both roles are vital to change; each has different outcomes. As a facilitator, the consultant will provide a general structure, templates and tools and as a planner, the consultant will conduct an environmental scan and write the completed strategic plan. 

A strategic planning consultant is an expert in strategic thinking and can see where the strategic plan needs to be improve. In fact, a strategic planning consultant most often has a corporate business plan detailing the business planning services to be offer to clients needing assistance in these areas. 

If a business is seeking growth, yet sees specific processes that hold progress back; areas that can be improve upon should be identifie. And, yet, although recognizing the lack of progress, some businesses cannot move beyond identification to create change. This may be due to management that does not have the freedom to direct or create change, or it could be due to an executive team that chooses not to address change. This means additional obstacles stand in the way of in-house strategic planning.

A strategic planning consultant looks far down the road on behalf of your business. They will prepare your company’s strategy for short, medium and long-term success, measuring metrics in each area to efficiently reach appropriate conculsions. The consultant will also analyze how far your market has progressed and estimate when the sector will peak. Such a market maturity assessment can easily drive further decisions about viability, change and execution of strategic plans. 

Another area of planning that may be included is the examination of investments held to determine if the investments are positioned in the most promising fields of your business. This is an important planning tool that should be factor into the long-term growth picture of your business. In addition to this assistance, a strategic planning consultant will tackle the subjects that are sometimes unworkable by the executive staff. For example, the consultant may help set clear succession plans for the CEO or president of the business because in-house executives are unsure of the process and unclear on how to make a succession work across the board. 

A strategic planning consultant will also improve workforce morale and productivity. Why? The consultant brings strategic changes, many of which have been discuss for some time. This improves morale among the staff members. The consultant also helps increase productivity because the processes are refined and strengthened, improving the rate of work and the rate of accomplishments for all. 

For these reasons and more; yes, we need strategic planning consultants. The consultant  analyzes the options as they stand, and works within the divisions in the business to identify, strategize and bring to fruition the effective courses of action needed. Past, present and future changes that portend long-term growth and success are clearly identifies with the assistance of a strategic planning consultant. 


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