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What are the Steps to Remove Ads from Microsoft Edge

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Edge browser is designed and distributed by Microsoft. This browser was designed for Windows PC and now available for other platforms also. This is a very secure web browser. It also provides good speed to you. Users can also make various changes to the settings according to their requirements. While using the browser, you will get ads on the screen. If the user doesn’t want to see those ads then he can directly disable them easily.

  1. Open the Edge browser on your device
  2. Go to Settings and more option
  3. Hit on the Settings option
  4. Now tap on Site permission
  5. Go to Pop-ups and redirects tab

Toggle the Block switch to ON. Now the user will not get any ads or pop-ups while using the Edge browser. But some people reported that the ad blocker is not working correctly. The error on settings can appear due to various reasons.

Update your Microsoft Edge to the latest update

Indeed Microsoft Edge is a secure and robust browser but to keep it working properly; you have to install the update regularly. When the browser gets into an error or lags behind; Microsoft provides the new update to the browser. When an update for Edge appears on the screen; install it immediately. For installing Edge update; you PC with a good internet. When the internet is not smooth; the installation process may fail. Check the connection and then check the update. After updating your Edge browser; again open the settings and try to disable the ads.

Run malware scan

Your browser can show errors while making changes due to malware infection. You will start getting Microsoft Edge Pop-up Virus on the screen. Scan the computer with a good antivirus to prevent any changes. Use Defender on Windows 10 devices. It scans the computer for all the malware on the system. Search for Defender and then run the scan. Scan your Windows device and then again open your browser. Click on settings and disable the ads. If you have a personal antivirus then use it for scanning. Open the dashboard of your security software. Run the malware scan for scanning all files. Now go to the device and reopen Edge for making changes. 

Disable all extension on your Edge Browser

You can add extensions in this browser. Using these extensions; the user can perform various tasks. But some of the add-ons can be malicious. These extensions may interrupt the user while making changes to the browser. If you are unable to turn off the ads on the device then they try to disable the extension. 

  1. Open Edge browser on the system and go to settings and more
  2. Hit on the Extensions button
  3. Toggle the extensions switch to disable

Now restart the browser and now go to the ad-blocker. Check whether the ads on the browser get blocked or not.

Block all third-party cookies

Users can also get various errors while running browsers due to third-party cookies. These cookies can interrupt various functions on the device. 

  1. Open the settings and more page on the Edge browser
  2. Hit on the Settings button
  3. Choose Site permission option
  4. Hit on Cookies and site data

Now enable the block third-party cookies option. After blocking the third-party cookies; you can make the changes on the browser.

Remove all the browser cache and cookies

Some of the cache files on Microsoft Edge Browser can start interrupting other settings. Users must remove all the browser cache on the device. Go to the device and now open the browser for deleting the cache files. 

  1. Open the settings and more page and hit on Settings option
  2. Select Privacy, search, and services option
  3. Go to the Clear browsing data option
  4. Hit on Choose what to clear option

Now select the time range and then inspect the items to delete. Choose browsing data, cached images and files, etc and tap on the clear now option. Now restart the Edge browser and check for your ad-blocker related error.

Repair your Microsoft Edge

  1. Open the browser and click on Settings page
  2. Choose Apps folder
  3. Now hit on the Apps & features option
  4. Choose Microsoft Edge 
  5. Click on Advanced options

Tap the repair button and the browser will start repairing. Once the error gets fixed; your Edge will start automatically.  


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