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Steps For Creating A Professional Floral Arrangement At Home

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Flowers are arranged in several ways depending on the type of occasion or event. It ranges from basic bouquets to extraordinary decorations. There is no rigid set of rules to follow while arranging flowers. Although, a professional florist is hired to fulfil the requisites of floral decorations in events. However, other people can also try and be creative with making fancy flower decorations. The floral decorations are subjective and according to the liking of people. There is a myriad of ideas available to enhance the beauty of any theme by adding flowers.

Steps For Creating Floral Arrangement:

The floral arrangement is the most unique and aesthetic way of representing flowers. The bright and radiant colours of flowers accentuate their beauty when placed together in a bunch.

Step # 1 (Select The Stems Wisely):

The selection of different textures and shapes of stems is essential to create a wonderful floral arrangement. It is the key to start with basic long stem flowers. Naturally, the flowers grow in a grouping. This pattern is followed most commonly. It helps to present the arrangement in an organised manner. Both long and short stems are required to carry out this floral decoration like professionals.

Step # 2 (Selection Of The Vase):

Another significant step towards the creation of a professional floral arrangement is the proper selection of the vase. Mostly the size and shape of the vase are underrated.  However, it is imperative to select the ideal vase suitable for the flowers. A simple trick for this is to use a ratio of ½  or ⅔  arrangement. This will be useful for giving room to the flowers to breathe and look presentable. This ratio is also helpful to maintain the importance of the correct vessel.

Step # 3 (Place Chicken Wire):

Usually, when flowers are placed together in a vase, they tend to fall off or hang down. This droopiness affects the beauty of the arrangement. Therefore, placing a chicken wire in the vessel keep the flowers in their positions. Hanging flowers become hard to adjust because they can not be tied along. This wire benefits by sorting the flowers together without damaging them. Due to the easy flexibility of the wire, it does not look unpleasant in the vase.

Step # 4 (Clean The Flowers):

Before placing the flowers in the vase, remove any old petals and dried stems. It will increase the life of the flowers and display natural colours. This step enables the living stems and buds to nourish appropriately. The plucking of dead and dehydrated petals or leaves provides longevity and liveliness to the decoration. Otherwise, the floral bunch will dry out and lose its charm.

Step # 5 (Arranging The Flowers):

After the stems are brought, the vase is selected, and the flowers are cleaned. Now it’s time to set the flowers in the vessel. This step is also known as creating the foundation. It involves placing longer stems first and then eventually adding the short stems. This pattern is continued until the base is filled. Thus, the bottom is packed with greenery that gives natural vibes.

Step # 6 (Placement of Heavy Flowers):

Another important pro tip is to put the heavy and fully bloomed flowers on the outer surface of the vase. It is observed that the weight of heavy flowers makes them fall off. Therefore, big flowers are needed to be placed accurately to enhance the beauty of the bouquet.

These fresh flower decorations are also modified by adding astonishing features, like marbles, beads, or small stones. They can be placed at the bottom of the vase to highlight the radiance of flowers. These additional elements go well with the delicate blossoms.

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