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Who is easiest to find a job in Britain: the most in-demand professions are named

Britain’s job market is in crisis. The demand for work is growing faster than the number of vacancies. It is easier to find a job for sales workers, IT specialists and those without experience.

This is reported by Debut, citing bbc.com analysts. Thus, problems are also observed with salaries. Employers are unable to pay bonuses and some of them have cut their wages.

Who it is easiest to find a job:

  • Salespeople, almost every fifth vacancy (19.6%) is in sales;
  • IT (including internet and telecom), 15.6% of all vacancies
  • professionals with no experience – 10%;
  • transport and logistics – 8.1%;
  • labourers – 6.4%:
  • marketing and advertising – 5.6%.

Insurers, lawyers and teachers are the hardest to find jobs. “In London, which is now the undisputed leader in the number of vacancies and the level of average wages, the top 10 in-demand specialists did not include medics and pharmacists, construction workers and labourers,” the analysts explain.

London, Manchester and Liverpool have the largest number of vacancies. Since April began to increase demand for professionals in the construction industry, while handymen have been in demand since the early days of the war.

Mentors and specialists from Britain’s leading companies will train women personally and help them find jobs.

INSCIENCE has created the Debut platform to help people who want to start a career in the IT and creative industries. This was announced on the project website.

The Debut platform is relevant for people who:

  • Have temporarily moved to another city and are looking for a job online.
  • Are abroad and looking for a new job.
  • Have lost their job and are looking for new opportunities.

On the platform you will be able to:

  1. Learn about opportunities in the IT and creative industries (how to start a career, retrain or continue to develop).
  2. Take part in a sprint format (mentors will help to write a CV, motivation letter and prepare for an interview).
  3. Improve your skills in 3 months, gaining skills and becoming in-demand.

Take an educational course and get a list of resources for finding work in Britain and abroad.


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