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Best StarCraft 2 Modes: Massive RTS Campaigns For Free

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StarCraft 2 is still a popular RTS esports game so many years after its release, but the StarCraft 2 modes sector hardly received the praise or exposure which it had deserved. Considering Blizzard’s cooperation, which included an in-game mod browser, a robust editor, and even a narrow paid mod program, a lot went unnoticed.

While some solo missions and mods are still prominent in the StarCraft 2 Arcade, we’ll be focusing on the largest, best, and most recent single-player campaigns accessible. Has something for everyone here, whether you’ve played real-time strategy before or have no idea what a Zerg is.

The cherry on top of the orbit is that it’s all absolutely free. Wings Of Liberty, the first episode of StarCraft 2, features complete mod compatibility and was provided for free by Blizzard in 2017. Each of these campaigns can be completed in its entirety without putting any effort in your pocket. Since one is just a fully upgraded version of the initial StarCraft and its expansion, this is quite remarkable.

Mass Recall

To avoid being overly dramatic, I believe Mass Recall is the finest way to experience the classic StarCraft adventures. It’s a thorough reproduction of the main version, its demo (with its own missions), the Brood War expansion, and a lot more for StarCraft 2. Unlike earlier versions of the mod, which contained all six campaigns as well as bonus content. The latest version only includes the first three. The remainder will be available shortly since they’re currently being upgraded to include all of the improvements available in Blizzard’s StarCraft: Remastered.

StarCraft 2 cheats are the best way to apply in single-player campaigns to complete all the missions and collect a lot of credits.

While StarCraft: Remastered achieved much more than tweak the actual game (in the interests of multiplayer balancing). Mass Recall attempts to fill the gaps that come with moving a 1998 game version to a 2010 system. Now there are difficulty options, and Brood War troops and enlarged hero characters are present in the older game’s objectives whenever lore-appropriate. The missions are mostly the same as they were before. But with a much nicer UI, a host of performance enhancements, and the rare fresh in-game cinematic. It still is StarCraft, although it’s been updated slightly.

The Antioch Chronicles

Perhaps one of the most compelling storytelling StarCraft 2 modes campaigns available. The Antioch Chronicles is a three-part Protoss tale including a full voice cast. The first two are modified versions of StarCraft 1 fan objectives. However the third, Thoughts In Chaos, was created exclusively for StarCraft 2. While I’ve just had a cursory look at this trio, the task design appears to be intelligent and diverse. Still, if your Protoss game is rusty, you could wish to warm up using Mass Recall. There are no difficulty settings in the first two episodes, but there are in the third.

The very first two episodes have mission explanations similar to those found in StarCraft 1. However, the third episode conveys its tale through long scenes at the conclusion of each mission. However, I’m confident Protoss’s speech post-processing effects cover a plethora of cheap microphone faults. Amateur voice acting is a quagmire at the right time, both performance and storyline are pretty decent in this campaign.

While the speech passages aren’t overlong, there is a little amount of fanfic style. And I was doing it right next to this essential canon character’s explanation. There are a number of screen wipe changes in the style of George Lucas. Still, it’s a legitimate reason to delve into Protoss lore and focus on your pylon strategies.


This tremendous campaign, which features all three races, was finalized in December 2018. It features 24 lengthy, multi-phase operations. Annihilation attempts to replicate StarCraft 2’s campaign concept, with multiple set piece boss encounters and a slew of bunkers crammed with tiny groups of heroes.

It contains various difficulty settings, and you can choose which unit groups are applicable to you on numerous missions, during an attempt to imitate StarCraft 2’s campaign tech trees. If I have one criticism, it’s that some of the writing is clumsy, with plenty of one-dimensional character personality traits.

The missions in Annihilation all are independent SC2Map files, making them a lot more difficult to start than that in Mass Recall. You can use the StarCraft 2 level editor to access and then launch them after this. In order to open the SC2Map files, you need to make the SC2Switcher x64.exe file the default application. By simply entering the SC2Map, you are able to begin any campaign or mission.


Odyssey StarCraft 2 modes are part of SC2 Arcade for a long duration, but it’s fantastic to play directly through the use of SC2Mapster. This incredibly sophisticated campaign, which first debuted in 2015, ultimately finished its first episode in March 2018. Odyssey’s fourteen missions are large, complicated affairs, often spanning many maps and often containing numerous phases of missions.

While the missions are nearly identical to those in StarCraft 2, it contains a few unique ideas, such as soldiers being capable to use rocks as cover in certain missions or exceptionally specialized units with smart new abilities. It also includes difficulty settings, as do the majority of the campaigns here – Brutal mode stands true to its name.

Odyssey does not really offer too much in custom graphics, music, or audio. But it makes do with the assets available in StarCraft 2. It stumbles at a few moments – its too serious storyline is a little too hazy to understand, and the character names are a little too My First Action Hero’s (Stryker, Captain Harsh, etc.), but the world-building is quite well. A few of the latter objectives have stability problems as well. However, I’m not clear if this is due to flaws added by Blizzard via patches or the missions’ sheer breadth.


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