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Top 7 Standard Types of Graphic Design

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Most of the aspirants of graphic designers feel confident with their graphic design skills. And some of them know logo designing, print designing, flyers, and brochure designing. But all these terms are part of graphic design and a small picture of this more comprehensive term.

Therefore, reading this blog can be ideal if you are willing to learn graphic design or grow your career. Because here, you will learn the standard types of graphic designing to make an excellent career.

1. Visual identity design

Most people think graphic design is related to logo design. Still, it is related to visual identity design, a type or part of graphic design. If you master visual identity designing, you can design the complete look and feel of the brand.

You can work on typography, color palette, logo design, icon selection, and other related terms. You can also find several graphic designing institutes near you from where you can learn this.

2. Packaging design

Every physical product requires packaging, and well-designed packaging helps businesses create brand awareness. Therefore, they need graphic designers to bring them a compelling and attractive design for their product packaging.

Therefore, if you want to be a graphic designer with solid branding and customer behaviour knowledge, you can become an expert in packaging design. Furthermore, after learning this, you can complete an offline or online graphic design course in Delhi because you can also have freelance work in packaging design with good pay.

3. Marketing design

Whether the company uses online or offline marketing or advertising methods, it is always required to use exciting and attractive marketing designs. This graphic design includes print and digital design, banners, marketing emails, vehicle wraps, brochures, and posters.

Since social media marketing and various other ways of marketing are getting popular, as a marketing designer, you can have a great career. You can also go for a certificate course in graphic design because it can build up fundamental knowledge of graphics design from the ground to the expert level. 

4. UI and UX design

UI and UX designers are the designers who create designs for websites and applications. To become a UI and UX designer, you must have a solid understanding of design fundamentals and the user experience. You create designs for landing pages, app websites, and many other platforms here.

You can find a graphics design course where you can learn UI and UX design. You all need to type a graphic design course near me on google and find the best source of learning. 

5. Graphic Illustration Design

The one thing that suddenly comes to mind when you think about visual design is graphic illustration. These professionals are in demand because brands need customer illustrations to build and maintain their online presence.

Therefore, you can have tons of graphics design classes, and from there, you can learn about it. Generally, illustration designers design digital products, articles, books, blog posts, apparel, and more. By learning, you can also be one of the illustration designers and will be able to find freelance or full-time work. 

6. Print Design

  • Earlier graphic designs used to work in the print industry, including newspapers and magazines, and still, there are many opportunities in this field.
  •  If you have master’s software like InDesign and other print design-related tools and skills, you can opt for this. Creating designs for the publications and print demands here would be best.
  •  Now there are online and offline news, magazines and many other [unlications where you can find the work.
  •  You can complete a graphic design course in Delhi and understand how to create magazine designs, book covers, stationery, brochures, and menu designs.

7. Web design

These days web designing is also becoming a popular and high-paying profession. Learning web designing can be great if you have a creative and technical background. It deals with creating web pages, layouts, and graphics design.

They are also proficient in delivering accessible web design that appeals to visitors and helps them navigate things easily. 

Therefore, this type of designer must have a technical understanding of user experience. Generally, graphics design courses with a diploma also include the curriculum of web designing, and if you go with some of the classes, you can understand the same.


Thus, you must know these seven standard types of graphic design. If you want to build your career in graphics design, you can find the best graphic design profession to be an expert by learning this. Moreover, all these graphic designs are still demanding and helping professionals earn a good amount with their talent.


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