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Spark Interview Questions

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It is safe to say that you are intending to move your vocation into Apache flash? Indeed, it’s a rewarding vocation choice in the present IT world. Significant organizations like Amazon, eBay, JPMorgan, and more are likewise embracing Apache Spark for their large information arrangements.

Be that as it may, because of weighty rivalry on the lookout, it’s fundamental for us to know every single idea of Apache Spark to clear the meeting. To take care of you, we have gathered the top Apache Spark Interview Questions and Answers for the two freshers and experienced. This load of inquiries are arranged in the wake of talking with Apache Spark preparing specialists.

So use our Apache  spark Interview Questions to augment your possibilities in getting recruited.

Flash Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Apache Spark?

Ans: Spark is an open-source and circulated information preparing system. It gives a high level execution motor which remembers for memory calculation and intermittent information stream. Apache Spark runs naturally both in Hadoop or cloud and ready to get to different information sources, including Hbase, HDFS, and Cassandra.

Q2. What are the principle elements of Apache Spark?

Ans: Following are the fundamental provisions of Apache Spark:

  • Coordination with Hadoop.
  • Incorporates an intuitive language shell called Scala in which flash is composed.
  • Hearty Distributed Data sets are stored between register hubs in a bunch.
  • Offers different scientific devices for constant investigation, realistic preparing, and intuitive question examination.

Q3. Characterize RDD.


Tough Distribution Datasets (RDD) addresses an issue lenient arrangement of components that work in equal. The information in the RDD segment is disseminated and permanent. There are chiefly two kinds of RDDs.

  • Parallelized assortments: The current RDDs working corresponding to one another.
  • Hadoop datasets: The dataset that plays out a capacity for each document record in HDFS or other stockpiling frameworks.

Q4. What is the utilization of the Spark motor?

Ans: The goal of the Spark motor is to design, disperse, and screen information applications in a bunch.

Q5. What is the Partition?

Ans: Partition is a course of getting coherent units of information for accelerating information preparing. In straightforward words, parts are more modest and intelligent information division is like a ‘split’ in MapReduce.

Q6. What kind of tasks are upheld by RDD support?

Ans: Transformations and activities are the two kinds of tasks upheld by RDD.

Q7. What do you mean by changes in Spark?

Ans: In basic words, changes are capacities executed in RDD. It won’t work until activity is performed. guide() and channel() are a few instances of changes.

While map() work is rehashed on each RDD line and parts into another RDD, the channel work () makes another RDD by choosing the components that pass the capacity contention from the current RDD.

Q8. Clarify Actions.

Ans: Actions in Spark makes it conceivable to carry information from RDD to the neighborhood machine. Diminish () and make () are the elements of Moves. Diminish() work is performed just when activity rehashes individually until one worth lefts. The take () acknowledges all RDD esteems ​​to the nearby key.

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Q9. Clarify the capacities upheld by Spark Core.

Ans: Various capacities are upheld by Spark Core like occupation planning, adaptation to internal failure, memory the executives, observing positions and substantially more.

Q10. Characterize RDD Lineage?

Ans: Spark doesn’t uphold information replication, so on the off chance that you have lost data, it is reproduced utilizing RDD Lineage. RDD age is an approach to remake lost information. The best thing to do is consistently recollect how to make RDDs from other datasets.

Q11. How does Spark Driver respond?

Ans: The Spark driver is a program that sudden spikes in demand for the primary hub of the gadget and reports changes and activities on the information RDD. More or less, the driver in Spark makes SparkContext related to the given Spark Master. It likewise gives RDD diagrams to the expert, where the bunch director works.

Q12. What is Hive?


As a matter of course, Hive upholds Spark on YARN mode.

HIVE execution is designed in Spark through:

hive> set spark.home=/area/to/sparkHome;

hive> set hive.execution.engine=spark;

Q13. Rundown the most much of the time utilized Spark biological systems.


  • For designers, Spark SQL (Shark).
  • To handle live information streams, Spark Streaming.
  • To create and process, GraphX.
  • MLlib (Machine Learning Algorithms)
  • For advancing R programming in the Spark Engine, SparkR.

Q14. Clarify Spark Streaming.

Ans: Stream handling is an augmentation to the Spark API, which permits live information streaming. Information from different sources, for example, Kafka, Flume and Kinesis are handled and shipped off the record framework, live dashboards and data sets. As far as info information, its like bunch handling for isolating information into streams like groups.

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Q15. What is GraphX?

Ans: Spark utilizes GraphX for illustrations preparing and constructing. The GraphX allows developers to contemplate large information.

Q16. How does MLlib respond?

Ans: Spark upholds MLlib, which is an adaptable Machine Learning library. Its goal is to make Machine Learning simple and versatile with normal learning calculations and use cases like relapse separating, grouping, dimensional decrease, and such.

Q17. Characterize Spark SQL?

Ans: Spark SQL is otherwise called Shark, is utilized for preparing organized information. Utilizing this module, social questions on information are executed by Spark. It upholds SchemaRDD, which comprises of outline items and line objects addressing the information kind of every segment in succession. This is very much like a table in social data sets.

Q18. What is a parquet record?

Ans: The columnar arrangement record upheld for different information preparing frameworks is known as a Parquet document. Both peruse and compose procedure on Parquet documents are executed by Spark SQL, making it one of the most incredible enormous information examination designs.

Q19. Which document frameworks are upheld by Apache Spark?


Hadoop document dissemination framework (HDFS)

Amazon S3

Nearby File framework

Q20. Characterize YARN?

Ans: Like Hadoop, YARN is one of the principle components of Spark, which gives asset the board stage to deliver adaptable activities across the whole group.

Q21. Name a couple of elements of Spark SQL.

Ans: Following are the elements of Spark SQL:

Burdens information from different organized sources.

Question information utilizing SQL components.

Gives progressed reconciliation between normal Python/Java/Scala code and SQL.

Q22. What are the upsides of utilizing Spark over MapReduce?


Sparkle carries out 10-100X occasions quicker information preparing than MapReduce because of the accessibility of in-memory handling. MapReduce utilizes steadiness stockpiling for information handling assignments.

Flash proposals in-assembled libraries to execute various undertakings utilizing AI, steaming, cluster handling, and that’s just the beginning. Though, Hadoop upholds just cluster handling.

Flash backings in-memory information stockpiling and reserving, however Hadoop is profoundly plate subordinate.

Q23. Is there any advantage of learning MapReduce?

Ans: Yes, MapReduce is a standard utilized by numerous huge information apparatuses, including Apache Spark. As information develops, it turns out to be critical to utilize MapReduce. Many instruments, like Pig and Hive, convert questions to the MapReduce stages for advancing them.

Q24. Portray Spark Executor.

Ans: When SparkContext joins the Cluster Manager, it gets the agent on hubs in the group. The agents are the Spark measures that perform expectations and save information on working environments. The last errands from SparkContext are shipped off the agent for executions.


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