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Some lesser known cakes recipes that are totally worth your try!

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When it comes to cakes, this dessert usually has a higher fan base than other desserts. That is why this dessert is one of the most experimented one. New flavours keep coming to the bakeries and each baker tries to come with their own personalised recipes. Some cakes definitely become the talk of the town while some ride low. But for cake lovers all cake flavours are beautiful and delicious, right? 

Cake is something that remains delicious irrespective of the ingredients that are combined on the baking. We usually try the cakes that are famous and are easily available to us. But you know there is a side unexplored as well. I mean, there are cakes that are less heard by people but taste equally good. They might not have made it to your local bakeries but they are totally worth your online cake delivery in ghaziabad at least once. Well, this list contains some names that you might have never heard of, but these cake recipes surely exist and trust me, are worth your try. 

Coconut angel cakes

Next on our list is a cake named coconut angel cake. You might have never tried this cake before, never might have even heard of it, or tasted it under some other name. But mostly it is called coconut angel cake and is definitely a delicious treat to try. Just the description of this cake will make you want it right away. Well, just like any other cake layer is put together by vanilla frosting and to cover from top to sides, leaving not a single space empty, comes the coconut shavings. The cake is really light and airy, that means it does not make you feel heavy. Also, the cake is big on flavour because it also contains some toasted almonds. All in all, it is a treat for coconut lovers. 

Raspberry pink velvet cake

I know you have heard about red velvet cakes and even had it several times.but here is a cake that is less heard of, but is a variation of the same red velvet cake. It is a raspberry pink velvet cake. Just give the red velvet cake a break as this cake steps in. this cake is all raspberry, that means raspberries inside out! That is the main ingredient that gives this cake its so natural pink color. Aren’t pink cakes just so adorable? You can buy this pretty pink dessert for your princess’s birthday because hey! Girls love everything painted pink. Yo8i can also get this cake for someone who is a big raspberry fan. 

Lemon pistachio bundt cake

If you are lucky enough to find this cake at your local bakery or online, then the next cake you should need to get a cake delivery in gurgaon of is this lemon pistachio cake. This cake is a perfect combination of lemon and pistachio. The cake is brown on the outside and beautiful green on the inside. The treat is enriched with the goodness of pistachio and a tint of lemon enhances the flavour. I think this cake is what they mean when they say ‘sweet green’. If you don’t mind pistacchio in your dessert, then go for this one. 

Chocolate cinnamon vanilla sheet cake

Another cake that is usually less heard by people is a chocolate cinnamon vanilla sheet cake. But guys, trust me, this cake is something that should get more recognition because it is simply delectable. It is a perfect combination of all things good, by which I mean the cake contains vanilla cake layers that are loaded with chocolate cinnamon filling. The vanilla cake layers are actually really thin so you can call it a sheet cake. The actually dominant flavours are chocolate and cinnamon. If you are not a very big fan of the idea of cinnamon infused in a cake, trust me, one you try this cake, you will no longer hate this idea. It is made in such a way that people usually fall in love with it. Just know that this is not your basic sheet cake. 

This is the list of some lesser known cakes that deserve a place in your parties.   


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