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Some Laws To Know About Winter Tyres


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When are winter tyres compulsory in European countries?

The legal sphere of many European countries mandates switching to winter tyres or snow tyres when winter is likely to approach. This is to be done between October and April.

The compulsive factor behind the winter tyres:

Choosing winter tyre is voluntary but a few countries are very strict about it. The winter tyre label (M+S marking) is found on the tyre’s sidewall. 

 Legal requirements on winter tyres in specific countries:


Winter tyres aren’t mandatory but are recommended on mountain roads (1.11-30.04). Studs are not allowed. Snow chains are a must.


No mandate is imposed on switching to winter tyres. Mountain zones require M+S and Snowflake symbols on the tyres. Snow chains are required in winter or when road signs direct it.


Range of winter tyre conditions- 1.11-15.4, a minimum tread depth of 4.0mm and 3.5 tons vehicle weight.


Range of tyres mandated from 1.12-1.3 with tread depth 4.0mm and valid up to 3.5 tons weight. Studded tyres can be used and should be mounted on 4 axles.


 M+S tyres with a low-speed index are allowed. M+S tyres with a higher speed index and Alpine symbol tyres with a lesser speed index is accepted throughout the year.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Mandatorily required from 15.11-15.04 range, for 3.5 tons vehicle weight and a tread depth of 4.0mm. Requires M+S marking and no studs.


Mandatory range is 01.11-31.3 and a tread depth of 4.0mm. Studs are acceptable.


Winter tyres are mandatory for the range 15.11-15.4, up to 3.5tons vehicle weight and a tread depth of 4.0mm. Requires M+S marking.


No compulsion on winter tyres. Vehicle weight up to 3.5 tons is allowed.

Czech Republic:

M+S marking is required for winter tyre’s ranging from 1.11-31.3 with a tread depth of 4mm.


No strict winter tyre requirement. Studded tyres permitted from 1.11-15.4


In studded tyres (from 01.12.2022), the symbol “Snowflake on the Mountain” is required.


Mandated on conditions from 1.12-28.02. Tread depths of 3.0mm, for 3.5 tones vehicle weight is required. Studded tyres are permitted and M+S marking is required.


Rules on winter tyres and snow chains are indicated by road signs. Snowflake-on-the-mountain and M+S symbols are required.


Mandates situational winter tyres for vehicles up to 3.5 tons and tread depth of 1.6mm.


No mandates on winter tyres. Snow chains are allowed. The maximum permitted speed limit is 50km/h.


No compulsion in using winter tyres.


A minimum tread depth of 1.6mm is required.


Stays valid up to 3.5tons of vehicle weight.


Obligations placed from 15.11-15.04, tread depth of 1.6mm and valid up to 3.5 tons weight. Extension of 1month period granted for mounting and dismounting respectively.


For ranges, 01.12- 01.03 and tread depths of 4.0mm winter tyres are mandated. Studded tyres can also be used.


 Liability in cases of accidents. Snow chains are only permitted when announced so. The maximum speed permitted is 80km/hr.


Required for range 01.11-01.44, with a tread depth of 1.6mm. The tread depth of Studded tyres is 3.0mm.


Requires M+S marking and for tread depths above 1.6mm.


Required for conditions ranging from 15.11-15.03 and tread depth above 4.0mm. No studs permitted.


Prescribed Validity till 3.5tons weight.


Required from 01.12-31.03 range conditions. Validity up to 3.5tons weight. Studs allowed for the range 01.12-01.03.


Requires M+S marking, tread depth of 4.0mm and vehicle weights up to 3.5tons.


Voluntary winter Tyres Telford only.


Required for vehicle’s weighing 3.5tons, tread depths of 3.0mm. Studs allowed. M+S marking required.


Vehicle weights of 3.5tons is valid. Snow chains allowed on snowy roads.


No mandatory winter tyres.


Required for vehicles weighing up to 3.5tons and tread depths of 1.6mm.


Required for conditions from 1.12-28.02 and tread depths 4.0mm. Should be mounted on all directions.


Required for conditions varying from 1.11-01.04, weight up to 3.5tons and tread depth of 4.0mm.


Mandated from 15.11-31.33, a tread depth of 3.0mm and weights up to 3.5tons.


No compulsion on winter tyres.


Requires M+S marking, tread depth of 3.0mm and for 3.5tons weight.


Liability in case of accidents. The maximum speed of 80km/h.


Required for commercial transportation.


Not mandatory.

United Kingdom:

Required for vehicles above 3.5tons weight.

Unavoidable reasons for winter tyres:

Despite the type of Tyres Cressage you have, driving on snowy roads requires different tread depths. Thus stick to the legal regulations of the respective country.

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