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Some Key Things To Understand About Your Color Printing Choices

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Brochures are generally used by business owners for exhibition handouts, as information sheets, or simply for promoting products and services among target clients. Apart from your design and layout, the more effective Brochure Printing pieces are usually the ones that are done in full color.

Choosing the best suitable printing colors for brochure though has a major effect not only on the overall look and feel of your promotional items but most importantly, the impact it can have on your prospective audience. To fully leverage the use of color, you must comprehend specific aspects about your color printing choice.

Full Color Brochure Printing

Full-color brochure printing basically meant the conventional four-color commercial printing carried out on offset presses. This is in fact offered by about every printing company.

Typically, the brochure printers use the 4-color build process known as the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks). CMYK is used to develop the color tones you often see in any bright, full-color brochure.

Anyhow, what you see in your PC monitor will probably be RGB color (red, green, and blue) rather than CMYK, which can be a completely different shade when you get them printed from the offset lithographic presses.

The color shades will not exactly be the same. The difference will be in the calibration of your PC screen. However, the brochure printer will need your text and images in CMYK. Since this part can be a tricky one, there are software programs that can allow you to convert your RGB text or image into CMYK; that you can then bring to your printing shop.

The advantage of having a four-color printing process, however, is worth more. Colors are typically mixed and controlled by the computer to produce a highly uniform quality in the end result. So, full-color offset brochure printing is a go-to choice for most business owners today.

Spot Colors

Spot color printing is applied when you have a single or a 2-color printing project. The brochure printers basically mix inks to give you an exact color match whenever you need it across your printing process. The specially mixed inks are known as Pantone colors. Logos are often done in spot colors.

Spot color brochure printing is most suitable when you want to have an exact match of a specific color to your brochure design with that color in the offset press machine.

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The main factor to bear in mind is to understand your colors and when to use them


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