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Solar Pumps Controller

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The cost of electricity is increasing day by day, to deal with such a scenario water pumps are considered to be the best alternative for rural regions.  The very low maintenance cost of the pumps ensures the users with a long product life. We all are aware of the worse conditions of rural areas usually people work hard for water. Due to the unpredictable nature of rain, there are several problems which people have to face. Basically, the solar submersible pumps are used in such areas where grid power is not available, or the grid is not reliable. These pumps have a dual mode operation which supports them to operate on electric power at night and solar power at day time. Solar Pumps Controller

Now you can take benefit of the low cost solar powered water pumps which will be the perfect solution for the residents in such areas where electricity is a huge problem. These submersible pumps can be used as a substitute for ferrying water from far off distances and users can increase their income by using this low cost solution. The pumps support supreme features coupled with excellent performance in the market. You can use the solar submersible pumps for field irrigation or supplying potable water for your communities while drawing water from underground water sources like bore-wells or sumps. The 1 hp Solar pumps controller which we offer are specially designed to lift water directly from the solar source. The safety switches within the controller prevents them from drying.

The supreme features offered by these pumps are:

Durable and easy to operate.

Maximum influence point technology for a trustworthy and fail safe operation.

Run by sunlight, which is free, so no growth in working cost in the future.

Solar Controller with extreme power tracking control technique.

 Value for money, Attractive paybacks.

Proven motor, pump and motor control and solar pv.

Easy to control & sustain and long procedure life

Highly reliable and atmosphere friendly

The pumps have resulted in excellent

In performance and offer much more discharge as compared to other ordinary pumps which makes our pumps the acknowledged leader in the pump market.

For quite a while, solar pump tackles have been available allowing rainwater to be moved without the requirement. For mains energy and without having to turn on and off physically. Water can be moved, for instance, from a low-level garden gathering tank. or even at the end of a polytonal or conservatory, to a higher level storing tank. The applications are many in allotments, equestrian properties, market gardens and for water topographies. These kits can supply a drip feed watering organization through a heading tank. (So that water is available for an important feed at any time, even through a time switch).

In more classy kits, when the float switch senses water. It starts pumping, then when the header tank is full, it chances the pump off. Using solar energy to power the pump is a big step in advancing in making rainwater collection. An attractive sustainable proposal by saving water while not using extra control to do so.


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