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Integrating the effect of snowfall with Snemaskine

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The effect of snowfall in any event or festival can be very attractive as it allows us a series of options beyond the weather effect. Taking into account that Snemaskine generate micro-spleam, we can create a visual impact in different spaces such as theater stages, entertainment venues, filming spots …

Points to consider about snow machines

Now, in the market we can find a good variety of artificial Snemaskine that manage to recreate it very well. Here are some tips before buying or renting a Snemaskine;

  • Choose the necessary power according to the type of event to be performed.
  • Look only for Snemaskine that allows you to adjust the measurement of the flakes in such a way that the snowfall effect is customizable.
  • Consider the size of the event venue and the distance the machine handles: If it is a large space a distance of up to 25 meters is indicated.
  • Let the snow not sting and evaporate on its own.
  • In addition, you have to consider the ease of use and installation of this Dj udstyr.
  • Finally, you must take into account the regularity with which you are going to useit: if you want to have a permanent accessory, perhaps the most recommended alternative is the purchase but, if you are only going to use it at a specific time, the rental is the option to consider.

Snemaskine gives us great advantages over the corresponding visual effect since we can have a microspuma that simulates it in any place and time and, in addition, in the amount we need, being able to use them in filming, spots, theater stages, concerts … Previously, we made a small guide on them,so that the choice was as accurate as possible. On this occasion, we will give some tips for using Snemaskine.

Tips for using Snemaskine

It is important to have a quality special effects team as it shows in its proper functioning and the result of the visual impacts but also in the ease of use of this Dj udstyr. It is not necessary to read complicated manuals or perform difficult calculations to get a big snowfall but, still, we can give some recommendations to make your event a success.

  • Choose the right model

Basic. Before launching into the adventure we must plan the use we will make of the snemaskine as well as the time they will be in operation. First, it is highly recommended that you read the guide that we have quoted above and, once you have the necessary information.

  • Uses quality liquid

To achieve impressive effects you need to use quality products. You will likely find the best liquid to make the best quality snow effect but, realistically, the difference in cost (and time) is not so much as to risk not getting the desired result, and may not generate the desired environment. Therefore, it is best to always use the liquids recommended by the manufacturer or distributor to save us possible setbacks. In addition, if we use the snemaskine with other liquids we may cause some anomaly in the device.

  • Take care of the lighting

The snow produced by this snemaskine Dj udstyr does not have any glare effect or react with ultraviolet light so we must illuminate it correctly if we want to highlight the snow effect.

To correctly highlight this visual impact the white spotlights must illuminate it from behind the machine but with a somewhat lower position.

It is not advisable to use colored lights and always avoid ultraviolet light with the use of snemaskine.

  • Use turbines sparingly

If we want to achieve a more spectacular result we can strategically place fans or turbines so that, with their air jet, they will have more power to the effect. Using them we will give greater speed and power to the fall of the snow getting a simulation of “storm” that can boost the flakes and keep them floating for longer.

On the other hand, you have to be careful with the use of these Dj udstyr in enclosed spaces to avoid generating too much wind. It is important to make responsible use of snow machines to avoid possible collateral problems.

Hope this article give you a vast knowledge regarding Snemaskine


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