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Smarter, Better: 5 Hobbies To Sharpen Your Brain

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Knitting, gardening, reading. What do these have in common? According to new research, they have included hobbies that can help us become more intelligent. Recent research has found that reading is among the hobbies that can increase our levels of intelligence.

According to findings, learning an instrument has scooped the top spot since it simultaneously engages with almost all brain areas. Moreover, both hemispheres of the brain work while boosted activity from the bridge of the brain is also functioning. For those who have been the stars of their instrument class, it’s time to dust off your instruments! 

Knitting came at third and second place, alongside exercise. Both activities engaged with cognitive functions. 

Some more activities are: 

Learn A New Language

Try learning a new language! For anime and manga lovers, this is your chance to begin the journey of watching anime and reading manga without the need for subtitles. That way, you can interpret the text in its rawest form. Although localization is excellent, reading manga in its rawness will maintain the text’s original meaning. 

Learning a new language is time-consuming and will require much practice before achieving your goal. We promise that it will be worth it. When you’re on holiday, it can help you better immerse yourself into a new culture. Many language-learning tools, like Duolingo, are available online and at your disposal since you can process them in bite-sized chunks. By becoming confident and fluent in another language, you can move up professionally, too. 

For example, you can go to Las Vegas. English is the most spoken language there, but Spanish, Asian, and Pacific Island languages are also well-spoken there.


Reading helps you accumulate knowledge across various topics and helps lessen stress levels. Moreover, it can help you feel multiple emotions and, in the process, make you feel better about yourself. And in turn, being better about yourself contributes to your positive well-being. 


Another underrated hobby is cooking. For some, it feels like a chore, but it is not. Cooking can make you more creative. Those who cook a variety of meals are more on the creative side. Despite their commitment to quality, they pay great attention to the smallest intricacy and go out of the box. 

Moreover, cooking requires you to multitask, be more accurate, and make decisions in the heat of the moment. All of these skills help you become more competent.


Exercise is suitable for a healthy body. Exercise can also result in a healthy brain. Exercise keeps the brain and body functioning optimally, with boosted blood circulation to the brain and better brain function. 


Writing requires you to develop your empathy alongside your linguistic ability. There are now many ways to write. You can write forum-based RP in jcink or proboards, or you can write in your journal. Expressing and processing your thoughts and feelings can help you become more intelligent and more empathetic and develop your communication skills. 

Wrapping Up

These hobbies are a great way to pass the time. They can also help your brain and skillset. Moreover, they can help you become more competent. 


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