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Smart Strategies for Hiring the Best Cybersecurity Staffing Agency

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Every company in every sector needs a smart and sustainable cybersecurity strategy, and they need talented experts in place to execute on that strategy. And the need for cybersecurity professionals in all sectors continues to increase every day.  According to a 2020 study published by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, there are more than three million cybersecurity job openings globally, more than 350,000 of those in the United States.

To close this gap, organizations need to build up their cybersecurity teams quickly. One of the most efficient ways of doing that is by working with an experienced and accomplished cybersecurity staffing firm with the best people, connections, and networks necessary to identify and screen potential candidates and to build robust and diverse candidate pools. Before you choose an executive staffing firm for this task, there are a few questions you need to ask. 

Things You Need To Ask While Hiring A Cybersecurity Staffing Agency

As you consider which company you wish to partner with to help meet your  cybersecurity staffing needs, you will want to pose these questions:

  • How many years of experience do they have?– Experience matters because the cybersecurity staffing industry is extremely competitive and those that don’t deliver the best service and positive results will fall by the wayside. The best firms will continue to grow and become more and more established over time.  
  • What is their recruitment process?– Inquire as to how they identify and screen potential job candidates. How do they ensure that their candidate pools are robust and diverse? Who is at the table for the final rounds of negotiations? These are the questions you need to get answered before you choose a cybersecurity staffing agency.
  • How vast is their database?– Size matters, particularly as you want to ensure that the job candidate pools are robust and diverse. The larger the networks that a cybersecurity staffing agency can tap into, the greater the chances that your company will find the exact right person for the position. 
  • What is their success rate?– How often does the cybersecurity staffing firm meet the needs of their clients, and how often do they fail? Speak with former clients to gain a solid understanding of the agency’s strengths and witnesses to help determine whether or not the agency will be the right fit for your search. 
  • Are they punctual?– The best cybersecurity staffing companies deliver on time. They don’t waste your time, and they show up prepared. The sooner you can identify the right candidate, the sooner they can join your team and get to work! 
  • How much do they charge?– The most expensive cybersecurity staffing agency isn’t necessarily the best, but the least expensive agency may indeed be the worst. Be discriminating, but make sure that your company has the budget in place to afford the agency that makes the most sense for your executive search. 
  • What is their reputation?– Read online testimonials and examine social media to learn whether the cybersecurity staffing company has a positive reputation in the marketplace. Reputation isn’t everything, but there are usually valid reasons why a company is generally recognized to be a top performer. 
  • What is their follow-up?– Does the cybersecurity staffing agency walk away the minute the search is over, or do they assist with onboarding and other needs? It is certainly important to get the right candidate in place, but it is also important to have a supportive partner helping you and your company as the new hire gets settled. 

You should always keep these questions in mind as you search for the right cybersecurity staffing company that will meet your needs.

Who Can You Hire?

With so many companies searching for talented cybersecurity leaders you need to partner with an experienced and respected cybersecurity staffing agency that will produce robust and diverse candidate pools on your timetable. Wolf Hill Group is that agency. We are industry specialists that deliver the cybersecurity leadership that builds and protects amazing organizations like yours. . Contact us today to arrange a consult. We look forward to working with you!


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