Best Smart Light Switches – Easiest Way to Transform Your Home

smart light switches

How do smart switches add tech-powered functionality to your home?

Home switches are devices that we need to pay more attention to. Smart power switches are a clever bit of technology that helps create a powerful automated system in your home. Smart light switches work similarly to conventional switches but have more advanced technology. These switches can respond to voice commands, automate daily life tasks and perform user-required functions. With smart switches, you have complete control over your home.

What are the network protocols used by smart light switches?

Smart switches are advanced technology that requires a network protocol to connect to an app. These networks act as a bridge between devices and the user so that the user can perform the desired task.

  • Wi-Fi: A Wi-Fi network shares internet resources with multiple smart home devices. When virtual assistants, smart home devices and apps connect to the Wi-Fi network, they can share information. This network works with a router that receives the user’s instructions and passes them on to smart devices.
  •  Z-wave: A communication protocol allows devices to communicate and perform the required tasks. This device can connect multiple devices without affecting performance. If smart switches connect in Z-wave protocol, the devices can communicate with each other even if the connection runs out.

Smart Light Switches Are the Easiest Way to Transform Your Home

  • Complete control: Have you ever imagined that when you are away from home, you might be able to see your home devices? Smart switches provide full control over your home from anywhere, anytime. You can control these smart switches using an app or a virtual assistant if you want to watch a show but cannot find the TV remote. You can ask the virtual assistant to turn on the TV, adjust the volume and change the channel. You can control the brightness level of your home lights, the speed of your fan, and everything connected to smart switches when you leave for work and forget to turn off your home lights. You can use the app to turn them off remotely.
  •  Location Trigger: A smart dimmer switch has a location trigger feature called geofencing. This feature works with the location of the homeowner. When you are away from your home, the geofencing part turns off all your home switches. And when you return home, the buttons turn on automatically. This relieves you from the worry of monitoring and controlling home switches manually. It also helps save additional costs.
  •  Motion sensors: Smart light switches have motion sensors that automatically perform home tasks. For example, you want your home lights to turn on when you enter your home. These switches will detect motion and automatically turn on when they see motion. When you return from work, you will not have to search for the switches in the dark. The lights will automatically turn on.
  •  Interoperability: Connect your smart light switches with other smart home gadgets. For example, when you open a door, you want your lights to turn. Or when you turn on the TV, the lights should turn off. Smart switches can perform this function easily and provide you comfort.
  •  Reports: Smart home devices provide the homeowner with a statistics report. This report details the devices’ energy consumption, status, and expected electricity cost. The homeowner can also view the duration the machine was on. The user can turn off the unnecessary switches, and it helps save extra electricity costs.
  •  Custom programs: You can program the switches according to your choice. Whether you want to turn off the lights at night or control the room temperature, you can perform various functions. You can program the switches by using an app to adjust the setting of each device as well. You can set the brightness level of lights, create scenes, and rigid automation rules. You can delete it from the app if you no longer need a custom function.
  •  Time-scheduling: You might sleep while reading a book or lying in bed without turning off the lights at night. When you wake up the next morning, you realize the lights are on all night. With the time-scheduled operation, the lights will turn off automatically at a specific time. It will help avoid the worry of light on and save you money.
  •  Stable connectivity: Smart dimmer switches have a regular connectivity feature. This feature is helpful in case of network failure or voltage fluctuation. The switches use a Z-wave protocol and can communicate if the connection fails. The password secures the user’s data and is not accessible by unauthorized access.

Smart Light Switches Australia

How can smart lights provide your home safety and security?

Criminals who break into houses keep track of homeowners’ movements and the home. If they notice that a home is alone for a long time and no lights are on, they try to break in. You can use your smart light switches with your home security system. You can connect your alarm, lighting system, and other devices to the door locks. If someone tries to open them, the smart security locks will pass information to the switches to turn on. This was it will prevent criminals from breaking in. You can use your switches with outdoor security cameras. If the cameras detect motion, the home lights should turn on. The criminal will think that someone is at home and will drop the idea of breaking in.

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