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What is the best smallest dog to get?

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People also keep dogs to look after their houses as we all know that dogs are the best protectors. Read about “Smallest dog to get”


Dogs are the most loveable, friendly animals in the world. Most of the people love to keep them in their houses. People also keep dogs to look after their houses as we all know that dogs are the best protectors and they sense any danger coming towards their owner. Dogs have different breeds and sizes, following are the smallest dogs in the world:

Chihuahua: These are the smallest dogs in the world and they are the most energetic among all the other breeds. Chihuahuas are also called lapdogs or pocket dogs because you can carry them anywhere with yourself due to their size.

The Chihuahuas are short-haired dogs, they are very aggressive and enthusiastic because of their nature they bark a lot. They are great friendly dogs and can easily be kept inside the apartment without any difficulty.

Bichon Frise: Bichon Frise is the smartest and enthusiastic lap dogs.  They are fluffy and have big beautiful eyes which make them more appealing and attractive. They are considered the best family dog and due to their loving and friendly nature people love to keep them with themselves. You should take good care of your pet and should pay attention to it. They have a life span of about 12 to 15 years.

Maltese: These are the friendliest puppies and they can become friends with people of every age, they don’t discriminate among adults and children. They are the best watchdogs. They are easy to carry due to their size and they also shed very little hair. Maltese loves to play and they have joyful nature.

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Norwich terrier: Norwich terriers are strong dogs with ears like a witch hat. They are toy-sized dogs but very tough and courageous. They demand a lot of love and attention you need to give them time and have to play with them if you decide to adopt or buy a Norwich terrier.

Papillion:  Papillion is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. In French, Papillion means butterfly, and they are called Papillion because they have ears that resemble a butterfly. They have beautiful silky, long, and straight hair and have varieties of colors. For example, many Papillion’s have a white color with different patches on the body, some are parti-colored puppies. They live for about 12 to 15 years.

  • Nature:  Papillion is intelligent and easy to train dogs. They are outgoing and very friendly. They don’t make it difficult for their owner to teach them anything and they obey their own.
  • The social animal:  It is a social animal and loves to socialize. This helps him to make friends easily and quickly. You can take them out on a walk and they will make new friends over there.
  • Care:  You should take good care of your Papillion puppy; you should often trim his hair and should also bathe him. Brushing your dog’s teeth is also very important as their teeth might fall if don’t get the proper care.
  • Food:  you can feed your Papillion regularly dog food or homemade dog food under the supervision of your vet.

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  • Conclusion:

Many people adopt or buy dogs because they love animals and some also keep a pet with them because of their loneliness.  According to the studies, a dog is a great companion to fight loneliness and anxiety.  

There are many dogs in this world with variable sizes and characters. Big dogs require more care and maintenance whereas small dogs require a little bit of care they aren’t high maintenance.  There are a lot of small size dogs and people adopt them because of their loving nature.


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