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Sleeve Packaging Is Becoming A New Splendid Packaging Solution

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The custom sleeve boxes are gaining popularity among various industries in the market due to their elegant appearance. Be it cosmetics, bakery, apparel, or gift, multiple industries are acquiring its usage to give unique visibility to their products. Going custom with the sleeve packaging boxes allows businesses to set their unique standards among their competitors. Moreover, going custom is also helping various brands to market their brand effectively to the target audiences. This innovatively unique packaging solution has come up with various benefits to fulfill the different packaging concerns of product manufacturers.

Give the best finishing to the sleeve packaging boxes

No matter either you acquire sleeve packaging boxes for retail purposes or personal usage, customizing them with unique finishing applications will add more attraction to the boxes and maximizes their visual appeal.


Applying different laminating techniques will enhance the design created on the packaging boxes. But in addition to this, lamination also provides protection against scratches, fingerprints, spills, marks, moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. The different lamination techniques provide higher quality without fading the printing on the boxes. Different lamination techniques can be applied to the sleeve packaging such as gloss lamination, matte lamination, and soft-touch lamination depending on the choice and preference.

Custom Sleeve Boxes

Foil stamping

Foil stamping will give a metallic finishing to the packaging boxes and provides high product visibility with a shiny metallic outlook. The foil stamping can either provide gold or silver finishing depending on the preference. Adding foiling to the packaging will give a luxurious and elegant outlook with a high gloss that will instantly capture the buyer’s attention.

Embossing and debossing

Applying the embossing technique will give a raised texture to any designing element be it text, image, or logo. Embossing will provide a 3D design by resulting in a raised surface of any design on the boxes. While on the other hand, debossing will cause an indentation in the nature of the material meaning it results in suppressing the designs of the packaging boxes.

Spot UV

Spot UV can be applied to specific areas of the printed Custom Sleeve Boxes to make the design look more vibrant and shinier. Spot UV technique will give a unique texture to the designing element and make the boxes look more appealing. Different types of spot UV techniques are available such as spot gloss UV, blind spot UV, and glitter spot UV all of which provide high-end results.

Add various customizable features to the sleeve packaging

The more attractive is the design of the packaging, the more it will capture the audience’s attention. Regardless of the type of product that requires sleeve packaging, various customization features can be added to the sleeve boxes to make them stand out from the competitors.

Custom Sleeve Boxes
  • Make the boxes attractive with colors

Getting the sleeve boxes customized in striking colors will add more value to the product and makes them worth buying. Giving contrasting colors to the sleeves and the base of the boxes will enhance the outlook of the packaging to make them look more captivating. Moreover, the color of the boxes can also be complemented with the color of the product to reflect more uniqueness and exclusiveness in the boxes. Customizing the boxes with brand-specific colors will make the intended audience recognize the brand and enhances brand visibility.

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  • Make the boxes appealing with graphics

Adding high-resolution graphics and images is another way of clutching the audience’s attention at a maximum level. Bespoke graphics and captivating themes can be printed on the sleeve boxes to enhance their visual appeal. In addition to this, eye-catching content can also be printed on the sleeve boxes to grab more customer’s attention and holding their attention to the product. Make sure whatever printing designs you choose to add on the sleeve boxes are designed using state-of-the-art printing techniques such as digital printing and offset printing techniques.

  • Make the boxes eye-catching with custom die-cuts

Customizing the sleeve boxes with unique die-cuts and custom-made windows will enhance the visibility of the packaged product and facilitate customers for a rapid purchase decision. The die-cut windows on the custom sleeve boxes will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the products and engage more customers with the products packaged inside.


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