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Sleepless nights? Try a massage

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Sleepless nights? Try a massage

Do you suffer from sleepless nights? You are not yourself Sleep disorders are very common. Most people don’t realize that massage can actually help improve your sleep. Massage therapy is a well-known method of reducing stress and tension, but can it really help you with your sleep problems? Studies show that massage therapy can correct your sleepless nights. Body Massage in International City

Our body has a vegetative system that is made up of two parts: the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The sympathetic system is kept in check by the parasympathetic system. When you are stressed, the sympathetic system kicks in and you feel a fight or flight sensation. The parasympathetic system is activated during the massage and allows your body to slow down and relax. If stress or tension is the cause of your insomnia, you will be relieved to learn that one of the benefits of massage is improved sleep. During a professional massage, many people fall asleep. Body Massage in International City

Massage helps reduce stress, improve blood circulation, soothe sore muscles, relieve tension, and lower or lower blood pressure. It is believed that it can also stimulate the immune system. Therefore, these relaxing results can make massage a useful aid in regaining restful sleep. Massage is even more useful when restless nights result from stress, migraines, muscle pain, and stiffness. Several studies have shown that massage therapy not only reduces lower back pain and headaches but also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, allowing for restful sleep.

Sleep is necessary for the immune system

Sleep is required for the immune system to perform at its best. If the immune system is disrupted, our body’s ability to heal itself is disrupted. If we are stressed or deprived of sleep, our health is seriously threatened. Massage can help relieve stress and tension. Massage does not necessarily have to be done by a professional to cover all of its benefits. You can ask your friend, partner, wife, or family member for a soothing blur. You can also do a mini massage focusing on the muscle groups you can reach.

Relaxation techniques such as massage therapy can certainly reduce stress and frustration, which leads to rolling over and disrupting sleepless nights. Therapeutic massage can have not only external physical benefits but also internal ones. Massage and aromatherapy can relax muscles and promote blood and lymph circulation. Massage can help reduce nerve irritation and may help increase the production of pain-relieving endorphins. There are many sweet-smelling massage balms and oils on the market that are used for stress relief. The aroma and feel of the oils create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Body Massage in International City

There are different types of massage therapies that can help, and some of them are listed below.


This type of massage focuses on your feet. This type of massage relieves tension and pain and improves blood circulation in the parts of your body that correspond to the reflex zones of the feet. Body Massage in International City

Sports massage:

This type of massage improves athletic performance and endurance by massaging certain muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Neuromuscular massage:

This type of massage focuses on connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. This special massage focuses on areas of tension called “trigger points”.

Swedish massage:

This massage has a soft and smooth style. It relieves muscle tension by focusing on overall relaxation, circulation, and range of motion.


This massage is not as relaxing; it usually becomes more painful. It hurts because it focuses on the deeper soft tissues of the joints.

Some areas to focus on during massage to promote relaxation and restful sleep are the temples of the head. The movement should be a small circular motion made by the fingers and hands. Other areas that promote relaxation are the scalp, forehead, face, neck, and upper shoulders. Most of our stress falls on the shoulder area, so relaxing and massaging this area will definitely create relief. Spa in International City

There are many reasons why massage and sleep are perfectly combined:

Eliminate headaches

Relieves stress

Reduces muscle tension

Lower back discomfort and strain are reduced

Relaxes nervous tension

Increase blood circulation

Relieves chronic fatigue syndrome

Help with weight control Body Massage in International City

After a relaxing massage, sleep will resume as a rest time instead of a rest time. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and to help flush and filter toxins. You will feel more relaxed with less stress and tension and can sleep through the night.


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