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Six reasons you should enroll in a master’s degree program

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Are you graduating in the summers and have managed to complete your undergraduate degree? Great! You are now among the niche of privileged people who can choose to pursue higher education. The world’s top companies might be ready to hire you. However, here’s a possible scenario: you might realize it’s an entry-level position when you get a job in your dream company. You are earning fair pay but wasting your talent in a 9-5 job, accountable to your top-level management. This is probably not what you thought. You might have thought you would be special, living a luxurious life right out of college, making decisions, and receiving high pay instead of wasting your life behind a cubicle!

As the world advances, jobs become increasingly specialized in nature. Although having an undergraduate degree increases your chances of employment, to get your dream job, you might need something different to stand out among your fellow candidates – a master’s degree.

Are you not convinced? We have rounded up six reasons why you should enroll in a master’s degree program.

Enables you to switch careers

As an undergrad, building a career in your field of choice must have sounded like a great idea. However, in practice, it might be nothing like you imagined, and you could get bored instantly. This might make you want to switch careers. Here’s where a master’s degree can help you out. It allows you to seamlessly switch careers into a field of your choice.

For instance, if you have a newly developed passion for helping the underserved and want to grow and advance in this field, pursuing online Masters of Social Work programs can be profoundly helpful. Without any relevant prior experience and education, these online degrees enable you to work and study in the field you love.

Have more authority

Do you remember being in awe of those c-suite executives and people of the hierarchy, wanting to be like them? Imagine you could become that at a vastly younger age – in a timespan as short as two years! A master’s degree allows you to rise quickly in your career. So when you graduate, you usually start as a manager or someone of authority, rather than being hired in an entry-level position. Although your timing might not be as flexible, you still get to leave your cubicle behind – and perhaps even get your own corner office.

Make more money

It’s quite obvious that your salary increases too when you rise in ranks. For this reason, it is quite common for executives to pursue degrees such as an evening or online Master’s in Business Administration programs, for instance, as these greatly enhance their skills. As a result, they see their salaries double over a very short period.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person who holds a master’s degree has a much higher annual mean salary than their undergraduate counterparts – they mostly earn an upwards of $12,000 annual premium compared to undergrad degree holders.

Requirement for earning a Ph.D. or tapping into certain careers

There were probably times when you were greatly inspired by a cool college professor and wanted to be exactly like them – chances are, you would require a Ph.D. to follow in their footsteps. Guess what you need for a Ph.D., a master’s degree! Careers such as Law, Medicine, and Education, among many others, require you to at least have a master’s degree, ideally a doctorate, to start practicing. They require expertise in the field and often a specialization in the niche. As a result, a master’s degree will give you that expertise and allow you to stand out to your employers when you pursue your passion.

Become an expert

A master’s degree allows you to quench your curiosity and dig deeper into your favorite subject. As the name suggests, you become a ‘master’ of your chosen subject. Graduate-level subjects allow you to analyze and look into your field more deeply with research, critical-thinking activities, and real-world applications. In the end, you know your subject like the back of your hand. This makes you a valuable asset to your employers because as the world advances, more and more jobs are available for highly qualified people who possess expertise in a certain field. When the time comes, individuals with master’s degrees are likely to prosper.

Recognition, respect, and personal achievement

It takes immense hard work to attain any degree, let alone a master’s degree. To have a degree of such high caliber to your name is a testament to your self-discipline, determination, and personal commitment, which are profoundly important to employers and absolutely essential in top-level management roles. Above all, it’s a fantastic achievement and a personal milestone. A person known to have a master’s degree is viewed with reverence. They are often very valuable to most companies. Thus, their job prospects are rich. If you were ever to show off your degree, you are likely to turn many heads. Similarly, in the world of education, for instance, most personalities you idolize and are influenced by hold a master’s degree. Upon graduation, you could become someone of authority and influence too.


Perhaps the best way to sum up the significance of this education is that a master’s degree is an investment that will always bear fruit. This degree doesn’t just enhance your resume; it is also a valuable addition to your personality. Whether you are looking to change your career, trying to level-up in your existing field, or are simply curious about a certain topic or field, a master’s degree will lead you to success.

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