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Simplified Accounting & Bookkeeping Partner For Businesses

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Most of the business owners initially use spreadsheets to track their finances, and that’s a good practice to start with, but as business grows, it certainly becomes a challenge to stay on of transactions and operations with this kind of manual accounting routine. That’s what accounting software and bookkeeping partner comes in light.

However, many tend to use off-the-shelf solutions like QuickBooks, Xero or Wave, and later realize that they are destined to solve their actual purpose. An accounting software or a bookkeeping service has to tailored exact to the nature of the business and operational workflow, if not it would be like searching for success in the road that never ends.

Alongside it becomes even more daunting for business owners and accountants to gain hang-on the steep learning curve and technical knowledge on how the software works and bookkeeping aligns.

Partnering with a reliable medium lets you not only get over the spreadsheets but also lets you reap significant benefits, outweighing the difficulties of getting started with.


Investing in a top-notch accounting software system or a bookkeeper lets you save time, by automating time-consuming accounting processes and bookkeeping routine. For instance, you won’t need to download CSV files from your bank accounts and manually enter the data in the spreadsheet to review transactions. The software pulls all the essential data automatically and the bookkeeper does it for you and stays accountable for the accuracy.

Instant generation of KEY FINANCIAL REPORTS

The waiting is evaded where your accountant or administrative assistant invests wholesome of time and efforts in pulling monthly reports. An accounting software comes with built-in reporting structure that lets you generate income statement, balance sheet or Cashflow report automatically. Within a click of a button, the financial statements are generating, wherein you can hop-in to check insights on income & expenses, for a month or a quarter or even for a year. Tailored software solutions also lets you customize reports and filter the details as required.

FINANCIAL data gets in SYNC

If your financial data is stored across various platforms like bank accounts, payroll services, credit card accounts it could take hours for you going back & forth between the platforms to collect data needed. An accounting software or a best-in-class bookkeeping service provider will get the data in sync from all your mediums, so you no longer need to download financial information from every single source and burn time on data entry in putting them together.

DATA ACCURACY is promoted

When you start using accounting software or hiring bookkeeping service, you don’t have to update multiple cells in spreadsheets manually. Instead, you financial reports and statements will be automatically updated helping you keep the accounting data free from errors. Data accuracy is a major concern and really matters if you are conscious owner to arrest revenue leakage.

Detailed INSIGHTS & ALERTS accessible

If your accounting data is consolidated and chart of accounts are setup properly, you would be able to have a hawk-eye view on all your happenings. An intelligence enabled accounting software lets you access all the KPI on its dashboard, from anywhere at any convenient time of you. That’s how you make strategic business decisions. Bookkeepers if they possess expertise, they give you strategic financial advice on your bottom line. Besides, the software if proficient enough lets you gain alerts on aging info!

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets for partnering with a reliable accounting software or a bookkeeper!

When the number of transactions increase and operations expand, then you must consider it as a right time to switch from spreadsheet dependency to an accounting software or to hire a bookkeeper.

Free up your accounting team’s efforts, reduce the possibility of errors, and allow yourself to continue scaling-up business. Also, if your business is starting to engage with new clients and deal with abundant of information on a regular basis, and require professionally-presented data then that’s yet another indicator that it’s time to start using accounting software.


Nimble Accounting is a hassle-free platform been in the market for a while which allows you to handle your financial accounting and bookkeeping like a PRO. If you are looking forward to stay one step ahead of your business, you’ll need fully automated and advanced partner like Nimble. Real-time reporting structure in Nimble lets you get in-depth financial analysis of your business and the intuitive dashboard lets you drill-down till the transaction level and get entire business health on a single screen.

Your intercompany transfers becomes seamless, combined reports are generated in an automated manner, and most importantly the notifications alert you on pending or aging info so you act real quick before they cause problems.

With over hundreds of staffing companies, hotels and retail businesses in their clientele, they’ve have been exceeding the expectations of owners, accountants and teams to ease their accounting and bookkeeping.

More info@ https://nimbleaccounting.com

For Further reading: buzztum.com

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