Simple Steps Involves to Convert Images to Secure PDF

online JPG to PDF converter

There are different reasons why you need to turn images into PDF formats. But, the most common reason is that PDF is the universal file format that efficiently used in sharing files in a secure way. Nowadays, most businesses using a free online JPG to PDF converter to convert their JPG image files into PDF files.

Well, in this context we are going to tells you how to convert image files into PDF files.

Convert Images to PDF (Step-By-Step):

These are the steps that you have to adopt for converting JPG to PDF online:

Step 1:

Simply open Start: Make a click on the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of your PC screen. You can find that the Start menu wills pop-up

Alternatively, if you have a JPG picture that you need to convert into PDF, simply give a try to free JPG to PDF converter that change JPG file to PDF file within no time.

Step 2:

Now, there you have to type photos, this action will search your PC for the photos app, which is the storage where all of your PC’s pictures are stored. Also, you can use jpg to pdf converter online that lets you do unlimited conversions from image to pdf.

Step 3:

Make a click on Photos; it should be at the top of the Start menu.

Step 4:

Choose a picture that you need to covert. Make a click on a picture that you decided to turn into a PDF to open the picture

  • If you need to create a PDF from multiple images, simply make a click on the Select that is in the upper-right side of the Photos window, and then tap each photo that you need to add to the PDF file format. People often approach a free jpg to pdf converter online that allows them to turn multiple jpg images into quality pdfs

Step 5:

Now, make a click on the ‘Print’ icon. It is a printer-shaped outline that you see on the upper-right side of the window. This will simply prompt the ‘Print’ menu to open

  • Also, you can press Ctrl+P

Step 6:

Now, you have to select the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF” Printer. All you need to click the ‘Printer’ drop-down box, then make a tap on Microsoft Print to PDF in the resulting drop-down menu.

Step 7:

Now, click Print. This one will be appearing at the bottom of the menu. Doing so will quickly open a window for you to save your file. For instant conversions, the JPG to PDF converter online is the best way to save jpg as a PDF.

Step 8:

In this step, you have to enter a file name. Simply, type a name for your PDF file into the ‘File name’ text box that is near the bottom of the window.

Step 9:

Very next, you have to select a save location. Make a click on a folder on the left side of the window to choose it as your PDFs save location.

Step 10:

Finally, you need to click Save, which you can see in the bottom-right corner of the window. This is a way that allows you to save your new PDF.

Save Your JPG (Images) as PDF Online:

If the above-mentioned steps are hard to remember or seem a complicated task, then a free online JPG to PDF converter do all for you immediately:

  • First, you have to look for a smart, but free online converter for JPG to PDF that helps to change image to PDF without investing a single penny
  • Very next, you just need to upload your image files into it and lets the tool provides you the high-quality converted PDFs

Thankfully, you people come to know how it is easy to convert JPG into PDF files.

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