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Simple earning methods by Website Testing

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Now-a-days it is a trend to earn money from home. Now what you should do to achieve the target of earning money from home? If you are wandering from place to place for work from home jobs, you are at the right place. Yes, you heard it right. Amongst several work from home jobs, one of the most easily available job is the role as a website tester.

What does a website tester do?

If you have certain programming, website application knowledge, you can get the role of website tester. The main job of website tester is to test various web application. You have to closely monitor the performance of the website on various devices such as laptops, desktop, tablets, mobile phones etc.

Each and every detail you observe must be submitted. You must also have detailed programming skill to become a genuine website tester. Your accuracy must be perfect. You must perform the job of website tester as a user as the final application is after all to meet user expectations.

You can find various opportunities in website testing jobs. The final decision is yours, whether you take it as a part-time opportunity or you get engaged for full time.

website tester
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Let’s discuss the above description one by one

Being a website tester, you have to cover some most important areas of website application. They are:

Testing of Website

Here mainly you have to focus on design, implementation of test scripts, utilizing of various automated test tools. Other types of testing also include system integration, system functioning and system explanatory.

Deeply analysing the root cause

The final aim of a website tester is that users who will be using the website application are happy. Each and every corner of the website application must be checked properly. Detection of errors and the source of the error or problem. The main idea is identifying of the primary cause of the error.

Report generation and proper feedback.

All the reports must be properly mentioned in appropriate format. Each and every detail must be mentioned on the reports such that it is easy for the developer to make minor to minor changes in the programming of the website application. You must also suggest innovative ideas, of course, that must be beneficial for the web application.

Working in collaboration.

You must be able to work in collaboration with others. Working in collaboration means that discussing various problem related to the website application. Detect bugs, errors etc with the help of developers. Resolve the problems together. Review of various codes in collaboration with the developer. Altogether the quality of the website application must be improved.

Proper training.

Conductance of training at a regular time interval is much required. The duty of the website tester is also to confirm that he or she provides training to his junior colleague at regular intervals. Junior teammates must be aware of the latest technology used and also, they must be equally efficient. This ensures that the quality of the website application is maintained.


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