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At Silverback Supply, we offer an extensive inventory of cleaning solutions as well as janitorial supplies, floor scrubber tools and ice melt. As the seasons change, it’s time to load up on the tools that make it easier to keep your facilities clean and safe.

Floor Scrubber Options at Silverback Supply

Since it’s October, there are plenty of spooky parties and events going on. The last thing you want is for your floors to be sticky from candy or spills.

Try a walk-behind scrubber to clean up the floors without too much hard work. For simple spills, spotters and vacuums may be enough. For other situations, auto, talk and rider scrubbers might be better for you. We have specialty items, burnishers, dryers and more to keep your floors squeaky clean.

Ice Melt for Safer Walkways

Slip-and-fall accidents become more likely in the fall, so help avoid them by purchasing ice melt now to keep stairways, walkways, driveways and other areas clear of ice and snow.

Combine ice melt with the use of shakers to get the most out of every package and to spread out the melt quickly and easily. No matter what the temperature is, a good ice melt can make a world of difference in making it safe for visiting Trick-or-Treaters, guests or customers to come into your building.

Janitorial Supplies for Busy Venues

Janitorial supplies are essential during the busy holiday season. Janitorial supplies include all kinds of products such as carpet cleaners, bleach, bottles and pumps for your favorite cleaning solutions, towels and tissues and more.

At Silverback Supply, we carry products such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Liners
  • Restroom equipment
  • Trash cans and receptacles
  • Paper products
  • Matting supplies

For simple daily cleaning, we have different brooms and dust pans, cloths, dusters, carts, buckets and more for chemicals, water, soap and suds.

Cleaning equipment can be as simple as paper towels and disinfectants to riding scrubbers and biohazard equipment. It’s important to be sure to get the tools that are right for the job at hand.

In bathrooms, you may want to look into hand dryers and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of illness this fall. For spills after a party, consider using carpet care products and cleaners that get deep into the fibers to take out spills and the stains they cause.

Avoid Haunting Illnesses, Spills and More This October

At Silverback Supply, we offer sustainable cleaning solutions that help you take care of your facility, whether you’re looking to keep your office clean, to maintain a busy restaurant kitchen or to take care of grounds that need to stay maintained.

Take care of everything from personal hygiene needs to office disinfection with chemicals and supplies in our store. Whether you’re a teacher looking for school supplies, a doctor looking to obtain more disinfectants or a janitor who needs to load up on the best products to keep your facility clean and sanitized, you can find a large selection of options here.

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