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Signs of a bad Personal Trainer

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Many gyms, trainer and online fitness classes claim to provide the best service in town. Many of them also guarantee to offer maximum benefits in minimal time. Many people get stuck in these false claims of attaining full advantages in less time with minimal effort. The result is a terrible shape, no improvement in the body, or it may even negatively influence one’s health and mind. Some trainers with inadequate knowledge and a lack of correct information may force the trainees to do incorrect exercises and follow an evil regime. 

Trainees must ensure that their trainers advise and make them follow the best suitable routine and exercise according to their stamina and power. Trainees must check their way and ensure that it does not hurt their bodies and health. 

The alarming signals of a bad personal trainer are listed below-

  1. Suggesting or selling supplements– It is unnecessary to consume artificial nutrients to get into the desired shape. If the trainer forces them to finish certain supplements, trainees must carefully calculate their nutritional benefits and destroy them with the advice of a proper specialist. 
  2. Only promoting one training style– This is a good start if the trainer forces you to work on a specific body part rather than focusing on other factors. For overall health, the trainer must concentrate on the complete body, ensuring flexibility, balance, coordination, agility and strength.
  3. Promise quick results– Numerous online fitness training classes guarantee magical results with minimal effort and training. Putting in the action makes it possible to get into the desired shape. A good trainer will make the hard decision to address false hopes and dreams. He will ensure that the trainee keeps up with combined efforts and training. Improving flexibility takes time, increasing stamina demands effort, and balancing requires immense hard work and patience. 
  4. They don’t communicate well- A good trainer must ensure proper communication with their trainees. He must educate the trainee with appropriate information and unknown facts. In many online fitness classes, the trainers don’t communicate well. This is a dangerous sign, and people must refrain from attending such batches. 
  5. There is no emphasis on nutrition– Only training will only do good once one emphasizes proper nutrition and sleep. One may only get the desired results if one follows a good routine with appropriate food and rest. This is quite common in online fitness classes these days. Many online trainers make the trainees learn a few exercises and do not teach the things to take care of while doing them at home. Training without expert guidance may lead to drastic results.
  6. Emphasis on intensity over form– Many trainers focus on the number of lifts, how hard one pushes themself or how heavy weights one can lift. Every person has a specific comfort zone. The trainers must identify them and proceed accordingly. 

If a particular training method does not suit one, the trainers must change their course of action and execution technique. A trainer must identify the weak zones of their trainee and implement specific plans for better improvement.

  1. Body shaming to motivate– Some trainees try to shame their clients into encouraging them to do better. This strategy does not work well. The trainers’ intentions are pure, but their course of action could be much better. Body shaming does more bad than good. It negatively influences the trainees; they tend to start doubting themselves and develop a feeling of guilt and inadequacy. Many people tend to lose confidence and lose self-respect. This, in turn, would have a detrimental effect on the individual’s mental well-being. 

Due to these reasons, many individuals need help finding the best gym or fitness classes nearby. They must remember all these points when they come across any new personal trainer. 

Amit Dahiya, a young, determined trainer native of a small city, did wonders on many national platforms. His success combines hard work, commitment, patience, effort and proper guidance. 

A combination of a good teacher and a hard-working student can do wonders. Many renowned wrestlers, shooters, cricketers, gymnasts and athletes could redefine history with a proper blend of all these attributes. 


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