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Shopify Development Agency – Grow your Store Consistently

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The Brihaspati Infotech is an esteemed Shopify development agency. With 10+ years of hands-on experience in the field, we boast of 1000s successfully delivered projects to clients worldwide. Ask for a quote for free over Skype, Email, or Phone lines.

The digital industry has taken great control over both consumers and retailers. Setting up online is an often followed trend amongst businesses, nowadays. With the evolution in technology, things, like purchasing goods or booking air/railway tickets, is an easy and convenient thing to do in comparison to the old days.

However, simply building an online store with a leading platform like Shopify is not enough as the competition in the retail market is huge. So, it becomes important for a retailer to keep on growing consistently.

To start off on this endeavor, below is a list of best practices involved while acquiring a stable growth of your Shopify store. Let’s begin!

Try mobile store

Gone are the days when only desktops were responsible for the majority of web traffic. With technological innovations, this trend has changed a lot. Mobile phone users are overtaking desktop users in terms of searching for products or services.

Many companies who have a mobile presence of their business are already grown tremendously. So, you also need to try a mobile store. If you are building a website from scratch, make sure you do mobile-friendly Shopify theme development that is responsive and platform compatible. Rather than making your Shopify store mobile-friendly, go for a mobile app.

It provides your end-users with complete convenience and ease of use. Currently, mobile eCommerce is less competitive in comparison to desktops. But it is anticipated to see a huge sprouting effect in the coming future. It is advisable to go mobile before it starts dominating all over digital commerce.

Retain your customers

Looking for new customers and alluring them with a seamless UX is important. However, it is equally important for you to focus on your existing customers. In general, if you are getting 10 new visitors on your website and losing 5 old ones, you are losing on growth.

Therefore, you need to adopt different customer retention strategies to grow progressively. The foremost thing to do is leveraging analytics for customer retention. Other best practices include focusing on dormant customers who have not returned to your store for a while.

You can offer them some sort of offers or discounts to grab their attention towards your services. Adding to this, frequent communication with customers, excellent customer service, measuring lifetime value, and ask for their feedback.

Leverage social media prowess

Today, if you are a digital seller, you can not afford to ignore social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Almost more than half of consumers are purchasing things via their social media accounts. 

The consumers are socially connected nowadays and do prefer to post, like, and share other’s feeds. If we explore social media platforms like Instagram, we come across different brand pages as well as animal pages with millions of followers.

Isn’t it beguiling?

If yes, try to analyze your target audience platform preference. Like, whether they prefer any certain social media platform or are omnipresent. Plan your social media marketing strategies accordingly.

Optimize landing page

The landing page is often referred to as a lead capture page that shows to an individual in response to his/her clicking on SERPs or any other online advertisement. This page is the essence of your online Shopify store. It holds the ability to convert visitors into customers.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have done promotion and branding on this page in an effective way. Some best practices involved in optimizing your website’s landing page:

choose a structural layout with easy navigation, high-quality visuals, simple and compelling headlines, social shield (reviews and sharing on social media platforms, testimonials), and trust factor.

With this, we have come to the end of our article. I would like to state that working towards the growth of your Shopify store is equally important as building one. So, one should always be keen on adopting tricks and tips to ensure consistency in your business growth.

Follow the above-listed practices to ensure profitable results.


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