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Production Environment Influencing Your Shop Floor Control

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The most effective method to handle your item’s adaptability, quality control and quick conveyance will depend on the creative climate and the industry in which you work. A dependable shop floor control is vital to perform different manufacturing workflows. You can implement modern and dynamic manufacturing management software across the organization.

Your shop floor control will change according to the manufacturing processes you adopt and your workflow. It will be modified to incorporate the following:

Due order fulfilment dates

Committed delivery dates

Manufacturing order sequence through routing

For instance, you must manage a high volume of finished goods in a make-to-stock workflow. To achieve this goal, you will make production in a continuous manufacturing flow or a flow shop. Now, it requires well-defined shop floor planning to execute flow control.

To do this, you need to slot in production activity control which will be responsible for shop floor plan execution with proper guidance on accomplishing production.

Your production environment significantly influences your shop floor control. We should investigate how it is finished.

Production Activity Control:

This process involved in your shop floor planning help coordinate your;

Production orders

Manufacturing resources

Order Scheduling

Material consumption

The shop floor management module in your selected ERP software solution will help you analyze the ideal production capacity of each workstation without becoming under or overworked and which workloads need to be prioritized for a workstation.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP):

An MRP system will allow you to improve inventory control and productivity for your manufacturing business.

It will provide you with all the important information about the number of raw materials and finished goods you need to meet customer demand. Also, it will tell you at what point of the manufacturing and distribution process you will need those quantities. You can determine these quantities of raw and finished goods using your materials bill.

Production BoMs:

Your bill of materials will detail the material supplies, components and sub-assemblies required to manufacture a product. It will help you maintain your inventory levels and hence, be helpful in all production processes.

Once you have set up your tangible and intangible resources, workflow and other related operations, the ERP system will help formulate a plan for your production order and know what exactly you need at the shop floor, such as:

Production Routing

Labor Required

Machines and Tools

As you have built a complete production environment, it will influence your shop floor control.

Improved Production Environment For Better Shop Floor Control:

Here’s how you can improve your production environment and get more control over shop floor activities.

Although you can plan and control your production process via spreadsheets or manual boards installed on the shop floor, it will take up time and resources that could be otherwise better consumed elsewhere in your business.

By using smart ERP software for manufacturing, you can make your shop floor planning and control lean with the following:


With automated production processes, you can save time and resources by improving your shop floor management accuracy.

Data Collection:

Automated tools help accurately collect in-depth and real-time data, providing an overview of the whole production process and allowing you to analyze the shop floor performance for better planning and control.


Automated scheduling helps you streamline your shop floor operations, automatically assigning your materials and resources to the production orders.


Monitor and track whatever is happening on your shop floor coupled with a centralized overview of the whole production process, helping you in:

Production planning

Inventory management

Floor-level performance of operators

Now, you know how to improve your production environment and shop floor control, but what’s the best tool for this job?

Shop Floor Planning & Control With MIE Trak Pro:

MIE Trak Pro is a fully integrated, all-in-one solution made by manufacturers with decades-long experience in the industry for modern manufacturers so that they can get full control over:

Raw and finished goods inventory

Production planning and scheduling

Shop floor management

This smart manufacturing management software is developed to support shop floor planning and control – providing you with the tools for:

Work Planning:

Customer orders are automatically split into small, achievable tasks that They will assign to the resources. However, if workflow needs to be changed, managers can easily reassign and transfer to the concerned operators.

Task Management:

Shop floor managers can assign tasks to workers and track their progress on those tasks. While workers can receive, start, pause and complete tasks in the specified time.

Time Tracking:

Get a better and more in-depth understanding of your shop floor operator’s working hours, downtimes, break times and set up/clean up times with improved time tracking.

Analytics & Reporting:

Finally, MIE Trak Pro’s shop floor planning software collects real-time data about your business performance, depending on how your production environment operates. It will help you better understand:

Product lead-time estimation

Shop floor employee efficiency

Labour and equipment costing

Price estimation based on actual time

And here we go with everything you need to know about automated production environments and shop floor management.

You must have an extremely flexible, data-driven production environment to handle your shop floor processes, ensuring high-quality product development, rapid order fulfilment and hassle-free delivery. It will also help you manage your resource capacity and production volume, which is necessary to meet future demand.

Suppose you want to improve your production planning to influence your shop floor control. In that case, you can take advantage of our flexible manufacturing ERP and see how this problem-solving software can benefit your business. Connect with us, and our highly skilled consultants will show you how MIE Trak Pro will help you improve your existing operations.


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