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8 Shooter Games That Are Best Enjoyed with Friends

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Looking for a shooter game that lets you shoot at your enemies with your friends by your side? Don’t fret, we’ve got the list for you! Whether you are looking to have some great bonding time with your buddies or simply want to let off some steam, we’ve listed down some shooter games for you. 

1. Hell Let Loose

Sure, there may be a ton of World War II games out there, but teamwork is what makes Hell Let Loose shine in the warzone. Going in solo in this game is just setting yourself up for failure. The title needs teamwork and strategy in order to reach success.

Each person takes up a role as you travel through the harsh environment replicated from WWII. There are two sides you can choose to play from – Offensive or Warfare, each granting a thrilling and satisfying experience nonetheless.

2. Destiny 2

A title that is renowned for the amount of lore and interesting mechanics implemented into its gameplay, Destiny 2 is a great choice for friend groups looking for more depth to their fun. There are a ton of cool weapons for you to equip and missions to embark on alongside your friends.

The lore will get you and your friends occupied for a long time, and discussing theories with your friends is always a great way to bond. You could even join in on the online community discussions with your friends to discuss your theories.

3. Left 4 Dead 2

Shooter games tend to be some of the most thrilling and adrenaline-pumping games out there and Left 4 Dead 2 is a great testament to that. With a variety of zombies chasing after you, some with super speed and others with some ridiculously amped-up abilities, Left 4 Dead 2 is sure to bring you a good time.

They say stressful conditions help others bond, so perhaps this shooter game is a great idea after all. As you play through the various missions to get you and your friends to safety, remember to watch each other’s backs and figure out a plan before you get mauled by the undead.

4. Hunt: Showdown

A title with a little more at stake, Hunt: Showdown is not really a beginner-friendly game, but it is worth the effort. This shooter brings the concept of permadeath to an FPS, which means that when you die, everything you have gets lost as well. This includes any acquired skill or gear you found throughout the game.

As such, most people tend to pick a different title to play. But if you and your friends are up for a challenge, this is a great title to go for. As you fight against other hunters and monstrous creatures, this is a game you wouldn’t want to go in alone.

5. Fortnite

As one of the biggest games out there, Fortnite is a great choice for those who would like to play a game with friends who are far away. Plus with all its events and crossovers with huge media names, Fortnite is sure to have something for everyone.

The game takes the concept of battle royales and turns it into something colourful for everyone to play. The tense competition is there and yet the silliness of it all with dancing emotes and colourful outfits make it a less stressful shooter game compared to most.

6. Splatoon

An oddball when you consider all the other titles on this list, Splatoon is more of a third-person action shooter with colourful graphics. You get to shoot at your friends or opponents with squid ink in a 4v4 situation. The weapons are creative and each stage presents a new level of fun.

One of the mechanics of the game allows you to swim in your own ink to sneak around and surprise your opponents. Splatoon has a host of seasonal and special events all year long with cool weapons and abilities to unlock. Additionally, the title has all sorts of stages for you to have either a casual run or a more competitive battle with your friends.

7. Valorant

Alright, alright, Valorant gets a lot of hate but if you exclude its toxic community, it’s a great game to play with friends. You get to play some cool characters with varying abilities along with a group of your friends. To spice things up, you could play against your friends and test your friendship.

There are numerous weapons and maps to keep things entertaining. Different agents work differently on different maps and you would need to strategise and plan wisely in order to win. Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter where guns meet special abilities, so if you manage to figure out how to balance the two, you’ll have an easier time.

8. Warframe

Another third-person shooter that might interest you, Warframe sees you awaken as a powerful ancient race set in a futuristic version of Earth. You can form a squad with your friends and earn more rewards when you complete missions together. Each character is known as a Warframe, with some fun abilities that will allow you to reach your objectives in no time.

There’s a massive world to uncover with your friends and an epic story to experience. An adventure is ten times sweeter when shared with others, just think of the memories you’ll make! Warframe is also highly customizable and intuitive shooter game, so you can really feel at home with your choices. 

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