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Shape Up Your Career with Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada

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We all desire to be at a place that allows us to get a quality education and better job opportunities. Canada is one of the hot favorites when we think of studying and settling down in a foreign land. The multicultural ambiance, bustling city life, and natural scenic beauty enthrall us to reside in Canada. But what has really caught up my attention is the introduction of Post Graduate Work Permit.

It has made the whole immigration process easy for international students, who wish to work after completing their course. The rising demand for a young and skilled workforce has opened more gates welcoming international students from around the world. The benefits that PGWP brings along are worth considering before you can apply. Students can apply for this work permit once they have completed their course from an eligible Canadian post-graduate institution.

The PGW permit allows them to work for any employer in Canada for straight three years. The best thing about this whole process is you don’t need a job offer while applying for the permit. It is the best thing international students could have asked for. If you’re planning to get one, check out the eligibility criteria for the same.

Post Graduate Work Permit Eligibility

• Your study program should be for at least 8 months
• The ideal age is 18 years or more upon applying
• Students must have a valid study permit
• Enrolled in any private institution that works under the same rules as a public institution
• A student should apply within 90 days after completing their study program

Can I Extend the Duration of PGWP?

The permit allows you to work full-time in Canada for any employer for three continuous years. But the length of the permit cannot be extended until you mention a valid reason while submitting the application. Though three years are enough to build a strong resume by getting employment in Canada. The permit allows the students to get relevant work in their industry.

Am I Eligible for PR after PGWP?

Canadian territories and provinces permit international students to have a permanent residency even after just a year of study. To avail of it, you must apply all the way through the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). Some of the places in Canada that offer the PNP opportunity are British Columbia, Newfoundland, Ontario Labrador, and Manitoba.

Can I Apply for Canadian Citizenship After PGWP?

The short answer to this question is Yes, you can apply for Canadian citizenship after the completion of the permit. You need to stay for at least 5 years in Canada before you apply for Canadian Citizenship. We allow you to enroll for a permit that helps you build your career more effectively.

From study to work permit, our aim is to offer you the best services that will easily fit in the budget. Enroll yourself now in our ongoing batch and make the most out of the opportunity to live and work in Canada.


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