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Seven ways of making your brand more evident & memorable

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Creating and getting your brand recognized is not a single-step process; it involves effort and time long after the brand is launched.

In today’s competitive business landscape, achieving brand recognition is challenging. Unless your brand reaches a certain point, success is difficult to achieve.

Fortunately, a single strategy can also make your brand a viral sensation and create the brand identity you aimed for.

However, just a hit-or-miss approach isn’t enough these days. Instead, aim for the right strategy to maximize the chances of success.

If you look around, you’ll see various competitors aiming for the same. This is especially true if you’re based in one of South East Asia’s most significant business hubs – Singapore.

Stats claim that there are more than 3 million eCommerce users in Singapore. Just last year, almost 100,000 users were shopping online in 2021.

As the branding landscape gets increasingly competitive in Singapore, keeping up with customer trends means thinking out of the box to create awareness.

With that said, the following are some handy tips to make your brand evident.

1. Make your brand visible on social media

In today’s digitalized world, an online brand identity is a crucial element in any marketing campaign. The more visible your brand is online, the more audience it will reach and the more customers it will attract.

On search engines like Google, content with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking makes it to the target audience and receives greater visibility.

Luckily, you can ace this even if you don’t know all the tricks of SEO yourself if you know a thing or two about link building, content writing, and keyword optimization.

An even better option is to hire a dedicated agency for your SEO needs. Type in SEO Singapore on Google and hit search to find an agency near you.

Moreover, such companies also offer web design development facilities if your website needs an upgrade in terms of performance or UI.

2. Be consistent

Brand consistency ensures that your brand is recognizable and memorable. If the brand keeps changing, be it in terms of its style, slogan, logo, or name, customers would lose the sense of familiarity they had with the brand.

You are likely to get loyal customers if you instill a positive attitude towards your brand in your audience’s mind.

The next time they hear your brand name, they will consider purchasing an item without further thought.

Secondly, inconsistency conveys unpredictability and loses the customers’ trust. Just like an inconsistent person is not dependable, consumers also feel service providers aren’t trustworthy.

3. Know your audience

Market research is perhaps the most critical step to starting any business. Without a target audience in mind, it would be challenging to get your product accepted and liked by the masses.

You need to know your audience to ascertain that your message will resonate well with them.

When understanding your audience, the first step is knowing their pain points. A pain point is a problem your customers face, but your company can address it.

Your customers will use your product only if they believe it will resolve an issue of theirs.

Common pain points for customers can be financial, productivity, and support issues. Your customers might not be satisfied by the amount of money they have to spend on a particular service.

They might even feel their time is wasted if your customer support system is lacking, etc. Conduct qualitative research into your audience and ensure that your products meet their needs.

4. Be interactive

Communication with your customers is crucial to your brand’s success. For them, one-on-one communication is much more satisfying and rewarding than automatic replies.

To make your brand interactive, communicate with your consumers with an authentic voice. Social media is the ideal platform for such communication.

Communication alone is not the only thing you can use to increase engagement; you can involve your consumers in games, referral programs, contests, giveaways, etc.

5. Be competitive and unique

Every brand has a mission that defines its efforts. Make your brand mission, products or services, slogan, and everything else engaging and unique to set yourself apart.

Since the market is highly competitive, you must make your brand stand out and appear unique. Ask yourself, what makes your brand special?

What does your brand offer that others don’t? Why should your customers choose you over others?

To achieve this end, you must first know your competitors. Take advantage of your competitor’s weaknesses and overcome those shortcomings in your brand.

This way, you can attract your customers with something they need and other brands cannot offer.

Some things you must know about your competitors include the following;

  • What products or services do they offer?
  • What prices do they charge?
  • How do they dispatch products or offer services?
  • What brand design do they use?
  • What is their marketing strategy?

6. Include valuable content

The content you communicate to your audience will likely impact their attitude towards your brand significantly.

Content is the means through which you can develop trust, promote your products, add value to the brand, and more.

The primary goal of content creators should be to interest the audience. This is achieved by ensuring that your content is from your audience’s viewpoint and directly helpful to them.

Also, the quality of what you communicate to them matters more than quantity. Content valuable from the buyer’s point of view would ideally include buyer personas (representation of ideal buyers, their concerns, interests, needs, etc.).

In addition, it also includes buyer stories (how the product or service you offer corresponds to buyer needs).

This information should also be communicated in simple language appropriate for the buyers. Avoid using jargon that is difficult for the audience to understand. In short, please keep it simple.

7.  Focus on design

A visual communication channel is an effective means of conveying a message. The brand’s design includes any visual communication you use in the website, product packaging, or email campaign.

The type of font, style, colors, shapes, etc., that you use matter here. Make your information catchy by using these in the right way.

Your visual branding impacts how your brand is perceived by the audience and can communicate the company’s strength.

Final words

For the success of any business, it is essential that the brand makes it to the audience and gets recognized.

To make your brand memorable, increase its visibility, ensure consistency, know your audience, keep them engaged, be competitive, and work on your design.

This strategy will increase the likelihood that your brand will reach the audience, get their attention, and be remembered. 


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