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Seven documentaries to watch with your family

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We have the perfect solution if you’re looking for a way to spend quality time with your family. We listed some of our favorite documentaries that will bring everyone together on the couch. From comedy and action films to historical dramas, there’s something for everyone! Many different topics will appeal to the whole family. Some examples are animal life on Earth, world cultures, and some of the extreme weather patterns on our planet. This list includes some award-winning movies, so don’t miss out on these gems. Happy viewing!

He named me malala:

This fantastic documentary is based on the life of Malala Yousafzai. The Taliban targeted her because she wrote about her life under Taliban rule for the BBC. After the assassination attempt, she became an international activist for human rights education. This documentary is about a teenager shot in the head by the Taliban to speak out on women’s rights. She not only survived but has become an ambassador for education all across the world. This movie is sure to inspire everyone at home. It shows how strong a single person can be and that the voice of one individual can have a powerful impact. Watch this movie by downloading it from  u1337x.org, which won an Oscar in 2015 for best documentary.

Batkid Begins:

The story of a little boy with cancer and how he inspired the world to save the day. The film follows this young boy’s journey from cancer diagnosis to remission, and his family documents it. The director tries to capture the essence of what the parents went through while their child battled cancer. It is sure to make everyone in your family happy and inspire them to do good things in their lives. This documentary follows Miles Scott, aka Batkid, during his big day when he becomes the hero San Francisco needs. This heartwarming story will make you smile and put a little pep in your step.

Final days of Anne Frank:

Lee abrams takes a deeper look into the Holocaust through the eyes of Anne Frank. This documentary explores what life was like in her family’s secret annex, along with how they felt going into hiding and what happened when they were discovered. This story will open your family’s eyes to another person’s tragic past. This documentary shows how a hidden annex takes in the Frank family after their neighbors, friends, and helpers are all captured. Over two years, they discovered that Nazi soldiers could come any time to arrest them and take away the rest of the world’s Jews. Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father, tries to protect his family and keep them alive while hiding in the annex.


The conservationist is Jane Goodall, a primatologist and anthropologist. This documentary shows how Jane helped to bring awareness to the chimpanzee population and their habitat. She has spent over fifty years studying and observing chimpanzees in Tanzania, Uganda, and other African countries. Watching it will inspire your kids to be a part of the change and think about the Earth and environment around them to pay attention to their surroundings cautiously.

Pick of the litter:

This documentary takes you on an adventure with five puppies. It teaches you about brotherhood, sisterly love, and the importance of teamwork under dire circumstances. This documentary follows an exciting group of puppies at the largest dog training facility in the United States, called Shedd Aquarium Puppy Training and Behaviour Center. The show is about how these pups undergo months of training before being given to an average family. It’s a reality show with puppies, and it’s just perfect for everyone who wants to watch something lighthearted that is also educational.

Far from the tree:

Thirteen Stories of identity is a documentary that follows several different people. The movie takes you to other places worldwide where there’s a one-of-a-kind family dynamic going on. There are adopted children, their adoptive parents, and sometimes even biological children. Every story is unique and heartwarming in its way. It’s a wholesome show that the whole family will enjoy.

Jiro dreams of sushi:

This documentary is about a sushi restaurant in Japan. The place is known for having the best quality sushi and incredibly high demand. The restaurant owner, Jiro, is 85 years old but still works daily to make his art. Besides all that, the film follows Jiro’s family life; it depicts the unique dynamic between him and his sons. This documentary takes you along the path of a sushi chef and his family. It has excellent cinematography and heartwarming storytelling that will delight and appeal to your audience.


If you’re looking for a way to spend quality time with your family, the above-suggested movies/documentaries are the perfect solution. While kids may think that documentaries are a bit too long and tedious, the above-suggested ones will understand and come to love them.

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