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Settlement Factors & Practical motorcycle accident lawsuit Guide

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It is common for people facing motorcycle accidents to suffer physical injuries and property damage as well. The next best thing that comes to your mind when going through a situation like this is to file a compensation claim. You have an insurance company in total agreement, according to you, but this is not true. Insurance companies always would look for ways and means to help you settle less for the claim. You are suffering from severe damages as well as injuries, and you deserve compensation for the same. It is one reason why seeking help from an attorney and looking forward to your motorcycle accident lawsuit make sense. 

Here is everything you should know when you or someone closer to you goes through a motorcycle accident.  Click here to read more on motorcycle accident lawsuits.

What’s an accident settlement? 

You are incredibly new to the world of lawsuits, as this is the first time you are dealing with injuries and compensation claims. However, you have the right to fight for your rights and seek compensation for the damages incurred to you. 

Not just the damages related to your property, but your injuries, mental trauma, loss of wages, and other sufferings too. Many motorcycle accident lawsuits that are not appropriately settled end up in the case, but not all of them end there. 

Only the ones where both the parties cannot conclude but seek help from the judge, a panel, or even jurors to resolve the disputes. If the parties agree and the settlement seems to be possible, then through negotiation, a conclusion comes! 

Motorcycle accident cases are Unique: 

  1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports, motorcycle accidents are way too worse than can accidents, and even auto accident attorneys would agree on it. The motorcyclist is 26 times more likely to die than the car driven and, in fact, five times more likely to be injured too. Click here to read more on auto accident attorneys.
  1. The first and critical factor of differentiation is that motorcycles are too risky, it has to extra protection, no safety like vehicles with enclosed space and security. 
  2. Motorcyclists face catastrophic injuries along with other traumatic brain injuries and even spinal cord injury for that matter.
  1. Road hazards like potholes, loose gravel, roads under construction and ruts, poorly maintained roads are some of the severe challenges that a motorcyclist has to face. 
  1. Does the case always have issues of whether the rider was wearing a helmet or not? If not, then will it affect the compensation and settlement? If yes, will the at-fault party and insurance company need to favor the injured party? Again, this issue will pop up, especially at negotiation, compromise, and even trial. 

The Plaintiff’s Damages

  • Evaluating the potential outcomes of the accident case is a difficult yet the most crucial element of all in your motorcycle accident lawsuit. It will be the jury’s decision on how much money the defendant needs to pay to the injured party. 
  • Some personal injury damages include medical bills, lost wages, and property damage as well. These are very concrete evidence, and the cost associated with the same is easier to calculate. For other less substantial damages like pain and suffering, mental trauma, depression, this can be tricky to estimate. 
  • Loss of quality of life is also something to consider if the injuries are severe or permanent. It affects the person’s life miserably, and he/she can not live everyday life as they used to. Each case differs a lot, and it all depends on how severe the injuries, damages, and complications are. 

For your motorcycle accident lawsuit, getting help from a professional lawyer makes sense. Since their experience, knowledge, years of law understanding can build up a good claim for you. Seek advice from attorney David Karbasian. If you are severely injured, you need to take a stand and fight for the negligence shown by another party. Then, we can help you get the proper compensation you deserve!


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