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Latest SEO Trends That Help to Drive More Traffic

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With the rising popularity of the online business, all the entrepreneurs are sailing in the same boat to gain maximum traffic and rank on the front page of Google’s search engine result page. Therefore, to achieve this, SEO strategy is proven to be a game-changer for all the businesses.

This helps to attract potential clients and improve your visibility. However, you cannot stand up front with an increasing trend and competitive edges by following the old-school SEO strategies.

This is 2021, and you need to follow the latest SEO trends provided by the SEO services companies in India. The latest strategies help you to achieve your goals easily. So, let’s take a deep dive into the post.

The SEO Strategies to Follow in 2021

Here are few SEO strategies that you need to follow in 2021.

1. Keyword Research Still Catches the Eyes

No matter what strategies come and go, keyword research still rules the SEO platform. Let’s face it, nearly half of the searches made on Google are based on keywords. The reason is Google takes the keywords as the relevant information, and these keywords allow you to have zero-click searches, which in turn allow you to gain visibility. So, you can use the long-tail keywords and target keywords that are inserted into the content organically.

2. Original Content Remains the Favorite of Google

Since many adaptations have been made in SEO trends, the authenticity of the content remains the most crucial part. So, don’t forget to provide creative and engaging content to publish on the platform. Numerous professional SEO services in India also focus on providing original content enriched with organic keywords.

The creative content helps to rank your website on top but is also helpful to hook your client for the long term.

3. Video Marketing Has Become Crucial

We all know that visual content catches the attention in a better way as compared to plain boring textual style content. So, with the upcoming trend, the SEO services companies in India also focus on providing video marketing services that help you rank your website and catch the visitors’ attention.

4. Voice Search Rules the SERP

The majority of the population likes to have a voice search command and search through voice search compared to manual typing. So, voice search is trending these days and has proven to be the most effective SEO strategy that helps you to rank your website on top. The voice search optimization ensures that you get optimum results and improve the visibility of your website too.

5. Google’s BERT Pays Attention to Intent Matches

Lastly, Google’s Bert algorithm accesses natural language processing that helps to understand the searches in multiple languages. With this latest update, Google SERP bots become more conversational and easily match the users’ intent. This means, now you can search in any language on Google easily.

Wrap Up

It consumes a lot of time to understand and apply the latest search engine optimization trends and apply the same to achieve top rank on SERP. But if you follow these upcoming trends, you will be able to achieve your search engine optimization goals.

Along with this, there are so many SEO trends and lines up which you need to follow to avoid competition and achieve top placement on search engines. For this, you can seek the help of SEO experts like Intellistall, who provide professional SEO services in India and help you achieve your goals.


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