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Learn How To Start FREELANCE SEO

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Freelance is an extensive market where thousands of persons compete with the others in the same niche and sector with the clients to get themselves the highest bidder and easy work, but on the other hand, the client is looking for a freelancer who can lessen his workload by providing the services rather sooner and more extensively yet of quality, but in rates that are not too much for him to pay nor too less that the quality of his work gets affected.

SEO Agency in UK

A lot of freelancers enter the market with just the knowledge that would get them clients but lacks what needs to be done and offer clients uncertain rather quality work on his website when they can have amole knowledge of the basic understanding of the SEO and apply that to the clients work, but lack of knowledge and understanding makes it hard to do, resulting in bad experience to the client and lousy reputation to your profile, if you need to start freelancing here’s what you need to learn and have knowledge of before you go on the streak of making any clients and ruin your career.

SEO basics

Understand what SEO is and what it offers and how it works and what can you do to make it worth your while and help yourself by following the basic principles and providing clients with the basic knowledge. The understanding of the basic knowledge of SEO agency in UK can help a lot when entering the freelancing market. These basics are

Keyword research

It is a process of listing the keywords which are good for your article or website for which you are working; keywords help the website appear more in the user’s search and helps get more traffic and more audience. Researching the right keywords for your client’s website optimization helps a lot, a well-targeted and well-optimized keyword can help you list more in the search results.

Competitive analysis

Analyzing the client’s competition in the market gives a deep insight into your position, helping you work accordingly and correctly, building the right optimization for your client’s site.

On-site analysis

Another main thing that you should know of is managing the on-site optimization; this is a crucial part of your SEO agency In UK freelancing; managing everything and analyzing the on-site titles, heads, meta-data, etc, needs to be taken care of at once. But, again, this is the part displayed to the customer and. Will attract them to the right call of action once they land on your site page.

Link building

Building a backlink to your client’s web page helps build the audience and. The traffic to it and increases the site ranking. In addition, building links to your site means building customer trust. And the more they see you around, the more they will start to trust you.

Now, you know all the basics that are needed to be at your fingertips. When starting your career as a freelancer next thing is to practice. practising these basics on a website will help you learn about the pros and cons and the things that were just theoretical, guiding you about the things about the practical work and how to do it.

Few additional things to keep an eye for is when starting your freelancing in respect for SEO are,

Problem-solving content

If you are to work your freelancing career in the SEO. Then you better start writing the cases leading the cause of the issues and their solution. This helps better traffic to get the clients to you when they read your content regarding. The cases and what are the causes that are observed in those cases. This generates curiosity in the clients regarding your work, and the sound explanation. The solution on how to solve those cases impacts a lot on your career. Asking clients to get in touch with you and work their cases with them.

Improve the site speed

You may not have noticed, but it works wonders when optimizing. The website for the client for SEO Services Company in UK site performance does have a lot of impact on. The SEO agency in UK ranking helping the site gets better grading than before. How to improve the site speed and performance just follow these points to the letter. And you are good to go,

Compress all images

Images take a lot of loading time and impact the site performance; therefore, compressing the images can affect your site performance more than ever, helping you rank better and get more traffic. Compressing the images also helps the images load faster, which helps get a better audience and more sales traffic.

Compress files

If you have any sort of files uploaded, you need to lighten them a bit. Compress any heavy file that might take like forever to load or impacts the site performance.

Reduce redirects

Redirecting to a new webpage slows the site loading time, resulting in bad site impression; it can be improved by reducing the site redirects by removing any ads or any other site links.

Leverage browser caching

A new advanced technique in improving the site performance is capturing the cache for the webpage by. The browser reducing the reloading time; every time you visit the site, the cache is stored in. The browser that helps the site not be loaded for the scratch. This process saves a lot of data and browsing time.

SSL certificate

Many people might not have noticed, but an SSL certified website is more prone. To get traffic than a none certified website regardless of the content quality or on-site optimization; SSL certification offers the site more traffic and audience than it offers to a none certified one.


If you are to start freelancing in SEO Service  you better nee to have a grasp on the basics of it and practical application of that knowledge. A handful of the knowledge and skills combination provides. You with a jump start in the market, helping you get more clients and better reviews by offering them quality works.        


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