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SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Website Authority Score

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All owners want their website to be the best and have exclusive brand recognition. Once the site is up and running, it becomes a difficult task to rank the website high up on Google.

A lot of people tend to commit SEO mistakes that tend to weaken their website authority score and hinder their potential to rank.

You can hire a top SEO company in TORONTO to help you with SEO tools. Such companies assist you to avoid mistakes that hurt your website’s authority score. If you are in Sydney, you can also contact companies that offer the seo toronto services.

Here we shall discuss some steps that will help increase the authority score of your website. Let us begin:

01.   Keywords stuffing your website

There is no doubt that keywords are an asset for your website; however, using the keywords too frequently gives a negative impression. No way does keyword stuffing help your website in any way. Keyword stuffing means using the keywords more often than required such that it hurts the quality of the content. The overuse of the keywords tends to irritate and also undermines your website ranking.

One of the main factors to keep your website up all the time, you need a reliable web hosting provider which can be selected from a wide range of web hosting service providers from HostingSeekers.

02.   Not selecting the right keywords.

A standard error committed by many people is not selecting the appropriate keyword for search engines. You must know what people you are targeting so that you can choose your keyword. Please get to know what they look for in the search engine and then select the keywords accordingly.

Follow the below-mentioned method when you are selecting your keyword:

i)                    Determine your keyword

ii)                   Probe the competition

iii)                 Review the word

Once you have chosen the required keyword to be used in search engines, and then make use of a few LSI keywords as well. LSI keywords assist your content to rank in the search even quicker.

03.   Getting the wrong links

Link building is an essential aspect of the website. Links help to strengthen the authority score of the website. Outbound, Internal and backlinks are a great approach to enhance the authority of the website as well as the page.

However, links that are not required should be avoided else they ruin the authority score of the website. Everyone desires to reduce the bounce rate; however, it should not be at the expense of the content quality. Never make use of too many links or links that are of no use. Make sure that the anchor text is put to use to link the meaning to the content that you will be linking to as well.

It would help if you made it simple and valid else it would hurt the authority score of the website.

04.   Overlooking  meta descriptions and title tags

Keywords alone are not the only factor that decides the ranking of your website on Google. Another aspect affecting the ranking of your website on Google is meta descriptions and title tags.

Meta descriptions and title tags pass information about the content to the searchers. Also, Google checks both the description and tags and presents search results subsequently. 

05.   Neglecting content quality

It is a subject of debate whether the quality or the quantity of the content is essential? It is to be noted that quality is always paramount to quantity and should never be compromised. It is better to have less content than spammy content. Fewer words may not make your website a hit but not harm the website as well.

06.   Not fixing broken links.

Change is constant to websites too. A page may be deleted, and you may not even be aware of it. If there is a link to the page that has been deleted, then the link is now broken. If there are many broken links, Google will know of it, and it will send a negative impression that your website is not up to date, and that is not at all healthy. You must remove any broken links from your website that will send a positive response to Google. Many plugins identify broken links and help you bring a solution.


The authority score of your website is crucial in helping your website rank on the search engine result. You would agree that SEO has a vital role to play in ranking your website. It is always good to know what mistakes can happen. Therefore avoiding the points mentioned above will help your website get a good authority score. You can communicate with the best SEO company in Toronto that will help you with your SEO tools to increase your website rankings. If you are in Sydney, then you may contact the company that provides the best SEO services in TORONTO to help identify mistakes that harm the authority score of the website.


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