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Sending Bulk Emails: How to Send Mass Emails

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Emails have become the biggest mode of communication in the corporate industry and other businesses. We may need to send hundreds and thousands of emails on a daily basis but we can’t due to limitations on the Email services. A regular Gmail account has a lot of limitations over the Google Workspace account. Now the question is, how to send mass emails in Gmail?

A bulk Email Service Provider is the only solution to this situation. There are hundreds of bulk Email senders but not all of them comes with all the amazing features. We have tested, compared, and reviewed the best Bulk Email Service Providers of 2021 and listed the best one for you. All you need to do is configure the account and start sending bulk emails right from your console.

Gmail / Outlook Limitations

If you use a FREE Gmail account, you may face limitations in sending and receiving emails. You can send up to a maximum of 500 emails in 24 hours or connect with a maximum of 100 email recipients per email.

Microsoft Outlook also applies limitations on the free email accounts. You can only add up to 100 recipients per message or send a maximum of 300 emails with your free account. With such limitations, if you wish to send more emails, you need to make use of the best Bulk Email Service Providers.

Even if you go for a paid account, there is always a limitation on the count of email recipients and the number of emails that you can send in 24 hours. You can’t send more than 2000 emails with paid Google Workspace account. If you have a business to promote or send marketing Emails, you need a Bulk Email Sender.


Sendinblue is one of the best Bulk Email Service Providers with multiple other features in business automation. You can start Email marketing, SMS marketing, Chat, or create your personalized inbox for all communication needs. You can personalize your CRM and use Marketing Automation tools to automate your sales process.

Sendinblue helps you to create segmentation to get higher engagement on your marketing messages to a specific targeted audience. Create your own strategy to set up the design, deliverability, and engagement of your transactional emails.

Sendinblue has unique solutions with AI and ML automation to create robust landing pages for a targeted visitor experience for all your campaigns. Integrate custom signup forms on your website to double your contact list and send them Facebook ads according to their behaviour and searches.

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Sendinblue Email Marketing

The email marketing campaign is made easy with Sendinblue. You can promote and grow your business with beautiful and creative emails designed especially for your business. You get hundreds of ready templates and designs to create attractive messages. All you need to do is set up an account as per your business needs and start sending creatively amazing emails.

How to Send Bulk Emails with Sendinblue?

Sending mass emails with this bulk email sender is absolutely easy! You can start sending bulk emails just with a few simple steps.

Create an Account: The first step towards bulk email marketing is to create a Sendinblue account. You can sign up for free or opt for a Lite, Premium or Enterprise account as per your needs. All the accounts come with different monthly Email volumes and additional features to glorify your business. You can always customize your monthly Email volume based on your contacts and business needs.

Design Your Message: The next step is to design your message with inbuilt creative tools, designs and templates. You can choose a template from the library, customize or build a new template starting from scratch. There are different blocks and styles that you can drag & drop to create perfect designs to match your business segment.

Personalize The Content: Every consumer wishes to receive personalized messages according to their interest, behaviour and trends. Sendinblue offers personalization tools to personalize messages like with salutation, contact names, etc.

Choose Your Recipients: Sendinblue has a vast pool of email contacts and consumer information that you can use as per your business requirements. There are different groups and segments based on different criteria like Age, Gender, Location, Purchase History and more. You can create your groups as per your target audience. Purchase history and age plays a major role while setting up email marketing campaigns.

Sending Emails Intelligently: Not all Bulk Email Service Providers has this functionality of sending emails right when the customer opens his inbox. Sendinblue has this intuitive feature of sending emails intelligently with A/B Testing. With machine learning-powered send-time optimization, you can ensure that the email is sent at the perfect time as per the customer’s email browsing habits.

Summing Up

Sending bulk emails is the need of every new business in this competitive market. If you don’t know how to send Bulk Emails, this article is a great help for you! You can use Gmail plugins if you don’t know how to send mass emails in Gmail. Bulk Email Service Providers like Sendinblue can meet all your email needs. Send creative emails to thousands of recipients for your customized marketing campaigns and turn leads into customers like a professional.


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