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Many people probably picture an old gypsy woman in a tent staring into a crystal ball that is placed on top of a small table, while the person requesting the reading sits on the other side of her.

In movies and television, psychic readers are often portrayed this way, and those who have never gone for a reading may not know any better.

It is quite common for the image of the old gypsy to change into a younger version, but the setting remained the same.

Psychic readings are considered as a way to gain insight into a person’s situation, as well as gathering information about them.

When this information is provided to the psychic reader, he or she can use it to establish that the psychic reader’s other predictions about the person are also accurate.

It is important to establish this confirmation so that the person having the psychic reading will be assured that what he or she is paying for is worth it.

Psychic readings can be conducted over the phone, in someone’s home, usually the psychic reader’s home or the one asking for the reading’s home, or at a psychic fair, where psychic readers gather in one location for interested individuals to approach them and ask a question.

In most cases, psychic readings come with a price, which often varies based on the psychic reader.

Readings conducted over the phone are usually paid for with a credit card, while those conducted in a home or at a psychic fair can be paid for with either outright cash or a credit card.

Psychic readers perform different types of psychic readings. Some may be highly adept at more than one type, while others might prefer a particular method when it comes to doing readings.

Astrology is based on how the sun, moon, planets, and stars line up and does not require a great deal of psychic ability.

An aura reading involves observing and interpreting a person’s aura. To do cartomancy, a deck of cards is used.

Like phone readings, distant readings can be conducted without the psychic reader physically meeting the client.

Crystallomancy and lithomancy relate to each other and rely on gems, stones, and crystals. Numerology makes use of numerical values. The palm reading method also uses the lines and curves on a person’s palm, something that has nothing to do with psychic abilities but rather with interpretation.

Psychometry involves the psychic reader physically contacting someone’s possession.

Rune readings use an ancient alphabet, while tarot readings use tarot cards to construct psychic readings.


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