Securing The Tastiest Tacos in Mexico City

Securing The Tastiest Tacos in Mexico City

Everyone knows that you can get your hands on some great tacos here in Mexico City, but with so many options how on Earth can you get the right choice?

This is a problem which I had to deal with when I first arrived in the city, and in truth I spent a good number of weeks with my friend Rose Burillo, just checking places out. That was fine for us, and a great job of course, because of the fact that I had the time to do it. If however you don’t have too much time in the city, here is how to go about finding the very best tacos. 

Following The Herd

There is absolutely no doubt that one of the best ways to find the highest quality tacos in the city is to simply follow the locals, because they know good tacos when they see them. If you see taco stands which have people around them all of the time then this is going to be a good spot. The locals know tacos better than anyone else, so put your trust in them. 

Avoid Chains

There are many taco shops in the city like Taco Naco which have stores all across the city. These are the places where you can guarantee yourself an alright taco, like a 7/10. These however are not the kinds of places that you should be heading to if you want to get your hands on a really high quality taco that is going to blow your socks off. If it is late at night at these are the only places open then that is one thing, if however you have options, these are not the kinds of places to visit for great tacos. 

Taking a Tour

Even though I have been here for some time I will still occasionally go on those food tours that you find on the likes of AirBnb. The guys who run those tours have great access to some of the very best taco spots and they are a good way of discovering somewhere new. These tours will not only take you to the tacos, but they will also give you some information about what you are eating and how it is prepared. 

Taking Recommendations 

No matter who you ask in the city, locals that is, every single person is going to tell you where they think the best tacos are. This can also be split up by category depending on which kind of tacos it is that you are looking for. If you ask a local for the best suadero, or the best tacos al Pastor, they will all have a recommendation for you. This is another great way of broadening your horizons and finding great tasting tacos throughout the city. 

This could be hit and miss, but if you follow these tips you will definitely have more hits than misses in your search for great tacos.

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